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Education: Courtroom drama, public losses rights as money buys

The courts have an every lasting presence; the sound of money in the background runs them but only to failure.  This influence is not lost to those ruling in judgments, nor is it lost to those seeking personal acclaims at the expense of others.
The courts have an every lasting presence; the sound of money in the background runs them but only to failure. This influence is not lost to those ruling in judgments, nor is it lost to those seeking personal acclaims at the expense of others.

Seeking to live in peace, we build our civilization based on principals all are expected to adhere by acceptance to the same. Thus are we bound to each other, by the rights and obligations which we seek and assured for others and ourselves. But as money has such a long-term influence, it has caused people to suffer for no reasoning, except one. Those in the system are looking out for themselves, seeking to use others to promote their lives without the risk in regard. If the law is to be treated as a business, we must accept there is risk, as in all businesses. Yet the legal industry has made itself above the law, and takes no risk on itself.
Growing any large population together, we find there becomes more stressful situations occurring than previously, each addressed allows all to continue existence. Civilization was created by five keys, each of these based on reasoning the best means to understand and direct actions. The laws which we have are meant to be among the same, based upon information we have seen over the years, thus giving the best means to support individuals and their rights. Yet this does not occur when those in the legal industry do not offer the best product quality. And we are seeing this happening in too many places at one time for it not to be random, it leads us back to the core.
Civilization has grown from just a few who had faith in it to a world which has developed by the reasoning of it. But it is those who reason which must also be addressed, for simply being given special knowledge does not make one a better person. And if seeking to gain by the misery of others is what one considers successful, than access to any social means to power will be done the same. Turning legal studies into a corrupted means a few incompetent individuals use to gain while incapable of allowing equality for all. Those attempting to enforce the laws, must also be willing to accept they must follow through on their obligations as well, not just seek personal acclaims.
Candice Anderson was convicted only because she trusted the system to find the truth, yet the system did not look for the truth only for individuals to profit from the case. Reasoning the vehicle had problems which could not be explained, would have directed questions to find those answers. But it would have also meant a long trail, with a jury hearing the evidence instead of quick means to a conviction and profit. The system was run by those inside it; the same who refused to seek evidence as such requires time and money expended. Unless one raises prices profit comes by cutting cost, in the legal industry this means do not look and seek evidence it cost too much and does not serve personal interest.
The OSC found retaliation in the VA against those willing to come forward; it cost the legal industry’s political leadership every time someone spoke out. Personal costs imposed on such people are not allowed, instead it has be predetermined such risk or of others to take instead. And this is where one major problem starts to exist in our civilization today; those in the legal industry are unwilling to impose upon themselves their share of risks. But without that risk, there is no changes occurring to support the public, only the directives given by those who have built up funds. The infrastructure pre-created to support those funds gains, but new means to offer support to others is not even considered.
The one risk mostly regarded has been over the separation of powers, these gaining emphases only for the personal reputations involved. But there are no such regards for those in the lower social financed groups of society. Those gaining political power these days do not regard the mass public very much at all; instead they use them to take risk which the political establishment does not. Yet it is this exposure to risk which offers the creditability they want for political office, and which they have falsely used to gain such authority. Neither here nor abroad has the legal industry has been held accountable by legal authority; no competition offered any of its own inscribed designs, placed above all others and the law.
Taking no risk offers no competition to the legal industry, resulting in no movements forward. Instead it has maintained a state of failure based on the personal profits seen by the individuals who have legal authority. But the legal rights are a resources which is limited, thus unless the public gains such this resource is consumed only by a few. The courts are to maintain an open relationship with the public, allowing equal access to authority and the means to gain peaceful resolutions. The reason why so much has happened around the world; is the legal industries are failing to allow access to peaceful legal authority, and the US is not immune to this either.

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