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What Kind of Libertarian Are you?

Without making this a 7 page explanation, I will simply say, that the most libertarian being that ever existed is SATAN the devil. Some of you may have heard me say that the best politicians would probably be of the libertarian who is also a believer in God. The reason for this is what I just said above. Pure libertarianism would be let people do whatever they want to do, if they feel it will benefit him or her self. Well that is Satan the devil’s belief too. Now most libertarians that I know would add, as long as it does not stop the other person from doing what they want. At that point even the libertarian as an individual or group must explain and set the points in each area of life of how far people can go. In their ideology, it is all about letting the people go in any direction; to even stray away from common sense or morals as long as it is done to themselves. Here are the problems with this, in the real world.

If everyone is allowed without guidance to make up their own rules for living, they will. This will work for the atheist and agnostics quite well. The more ragged the more freedom they say. For the Christian, the more ragged a person lives, the worse it will be for society. And if everyone is allowed to make up their own rules in their private life, you not only get a chaotic society, but what if God really exist and rewards and punishes a society as he says he does? That would mean the only good way is to push the truth of God. The Judea Christian Gods way of treating each other is a good example. Of course that is shown in nature and in the science that comes from nature.

To solve the problem Mr. Stossel is rather simple. Understand that Law is a teacher and also used to normalize society to a chosen ideal. If the libertarians are right, People should have the right to cuss, fuss, be drunk, act a fool, disparage people, think evil of people and even hate others. The problem Mr. Stossel is that once you make these things lawful, you are teaching that you have a right to do these private things. They cannot remain private. People take rights seriously. Then two men have a right to get married; two women; 10 men and women; under what principle do you have a right to tell them no? You don’t. In these matters is laid bare the major fault in too much libertarianism. You see it takes teaching and acceptance in private matters of the individual heart to make a society decent, non chaotic, peaceful, loving and even, Godly.

Then decide if you what government to prosecute certain things like smoking dope but make it clear that any kind of drunkenness that leads to a disservice or cost to your neighbor is punishable under criminal or civil law and will be paid for by the state if the complainer wins. Other wise the complainer pays. You don’t put error into law. Just decide that the state will stay out of it. That way law does not teach out kids that gay marriage is right or wrong, it just keep records for litigation purposes. It allows the debate to continue to take place in the market place of ideas and what ever makes the most sense may prevail. Right now government leaders have made up their mind that they will use law to normalize and teach that which is not normal and Stossel thinks that is good. He should be saying what I am saying. If you want the unequal to be equal under the government’s purview, then take government completely out of marriage, for instance.

Unfortunately for libertarians like Stossel, the Constitution is based upon the declaration that says all our rights come from God and that a government, including our own, is formed ONLY to secure those rights. The idea that Stossel has that Conservatives want to use law to constrain freedom, fails to see that to use law to promote chaos, indecency or to other wise teach society that they have a right to do whatever they peacefully want is not beneficial to anyone as well. In fact most conservatives would come in just about where the Christian libertarian would. That is why I said that a libertarian that is a Christian makes the best governors. He is closer to neither advancing Satan’s view of society nor acting as a god over everything, but aiming to leave as much of your individual life in your hands as is good for all.


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