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Educating future florists and floral designers by way of hands on training

It is quite natural that students who are learning floral arrangements at floral schools are planning to be a floral designer, amateur or professional. Some students have very clear goal of running their own floral shop by becoming a florist. Being such situation, it can be said that floral design schools are educating future florists and future floral designers.

Educating future florists and floral artists
California Flower Art Academy
European floral arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

When they are enrolled at a floral school, most of students have no previous experience in floral arrangements. Therefore they usually start from scratch by taking lessons designed for entry level students. Many students have no idea even about names of flowers and devices/tools used for floral arranging. Needless to say they do not know the name of flower arranging styles and the way of floral decorations.

Take California Flower Art Academy for instance, some students do not have idea about the difference between European arrangement and Japanese traditional floral design called Ikebana although many of them have heard of the world of Ikebana.

Many of them sign up for introductory program or Elementary Course only because they need to start from entry level of curriculum. After completing introductory program and Elementary Course, they proceed to the next level of course, namely either Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course OR business oriented course specializing wedding floral decorations or funeral arrangements.

Unless they have very keen interest and intention for definitely mastering European floral arrangements, many students proceed to Wedding Party Arrangement Basic Course after completing Fresh Flower Arrangement Elementary Course which is mandatory for students with no previous experience in floral designs.

The above way of process chosen by many students is quite understandable because of the under mentioned reasons:

  1. They would like to earn practical floral arranging skills that can be used for doing floral business.
  2. They would like to save money by proceeding to wedding party arrangement basic course without going to Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course.
  1. They would like to minimize the time by accessing directly to business oriented course by skipping Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course.

It is ideal to go to Fresh Flower Arrangement Intermediate Course to master floral arrangements. However from person to person the way they go is different. Therefore their choice mentioned above should be respected in a sense.

California Flower Art Academy offers a WIDE RANGE OF PROGRAMS from which students can make a choice of their most favorite course well considering the budget, taste and goal for learning floral designs. If you seriously want to earn floral arranging skills, California Flower Art Academy can help. You can start from Introductory Program which costs less than $100. For more information, feel free to contact

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