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Educate and participate

No Tar Sands here
No Tar Sands here
Photo by Jason Oxenham/Getty Images

I admire the efforts of people and groups that get together for a common good. Though there are many, most folks know that I usually focus on the environmental and social justice issues.Current environmental news that is focusing on the Tar Sands pipelines have stirred up the interests of some Native Americans who realize the impacts of this project and are standing together and attempting to not allow passage on their property. The news that one of the latest hired studies showing that the Tar Sands are not an environmental danger has the most of us realizing the ploy of Big oil on politics to give President Obama the ok to allow this black mark of his presidency to move forward. Fighting the good fight with the truly righteous people of the world may just give us some of the paradigm shift towards a sustainable planet that many hope to leave as our legacy in the history books as "The generation that could, and did." Let us not continue to follow blindly but educate and reeducate ourselves on the matters at hand so we can make a well informed opinion or statement and not be the dodos of the major corporate controlled media brain drains. We can work together, non-partisan, pluralistic, and secular to achieve a sane and developing solution that we can be proud of. I know most of us want to be part of the cause that builds good and not part of the blind eye, turn our backs on the obvious issues at hand kind of beings. Be involved, somehow, someway, become informed with scholarly papers, google the stuff and decipher the real and true. We have evolved and I find my conscience unable to waiver from love and concern for all that is, it is not hard and I am not alone.I will continue to be the love and the good I can humanly muster, may we meet for the common good and continue to bring about change starting now. Love and peace B