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Edna Valley Vineyards sets a standard for California Coastal wines

Nice wines from an Edna Valley producer
Nice wines from an Edna Valley producer

Edna Valley, on the wine trail in the San Luis Obispo area, produces some outstanding wines. With its long growing season, many varieties have time to develop to full flavor, and when harveste4d, end up producing wines which can be enjoyed for their complexity and unique characteristics.

The area, south of San Luis Obispo and north of Arroyo Grande, is cooled by the daily sea breezes off the Pacific. These cooling winds bring the temperatures down during the hottest days of the growing season. These cooler days also allow the berries to fully grow to a flavorful point, which, when harvested, allows for the full maturation of the potential flavors.

Edna Valley Vineyards has an interesting background. The area was planted in the early 1800’s by Spanish Missionaries. However, the region went pastoral for many decades and it was not until the 1970’s that vineyards were re-planted.

Today the area is filled with vineyards, producing the fine grapes the area’s long growing season is famous for.

Edna Valley Vineyards, one of the stars of the area, produces five varieties. Merlots, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay provide fans of the vineyards with enough tasting opportunities to make the visit to the vineyards worthwhile.

In addition to the nice wines, it is worthwhile to visit Edna Valley for the sheer beauty of the vineyards and the tasting rooms. Visitors have a wide variety of selections when they taste at the Edna Valley Vineyards. There are basic selections, reserve selections, Private Club lounge and patio selections, all offering an opportunity to sample some of the Valley’s best wines.

When going to Paso on the coastal route, stop in first at Edna Valley and savor some of the area’s best wines.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy!

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