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Edmond resident, Casady School sophomore Anne J Hill is missing Oklahoma City

Anne J Hill is missing from the greater Oklahoma City area
family photo

TWITTER continues to hatch details on missing Edmond teen. at

Greater Oklahoma City residents are asked to keep an eye out for Anne J. Hill, a 16 year old sophomore from Edmond, Oklahoma. Hall, who attends Casady School near Britton Road and Western Avenue, near Casady Square in NW Oklahoma City.

No details have been released other than the family's profile of the teen, whose family was told that she was not eligible for an AmberAlert.

Hill has now been gone for 7 days, and reportedly her very specific vehicle has been recovered, but she was not with it. The car was discovered in Oklahoma City.

OKC has had some odd situations with AmberAlerts in recent cases.

Recall that the Oklahoma City Mayor, Mick Cornett refused debate on any subject. Violent crime in OKC was one of those things noone was allowed to question. Refusal to pay OKCPD was another. What if this issue is the manifestation of that wonderous leadership perpetuated. Ms. Hall's mother is a voter, she is not. Ms. Hill's mother lives in Edmond. These findings are OKC. What rights does Edmond have to ask OKCPD for the AmberAlert? FBI Missing persons? Who is using proper consultants, warning systems and AID.

A huge hot spot in the recent Oklahoma City Mayoral Race was the underpayment of the Oklahoma City Police Department staff, operating with substandard training, insufficient personnel and aging electronics which house reporting data for collective retrieval.

The OKCPD policy of waiting 7 days for assignment of detectives on a case, combined with the absence of the AmberAlert, along with Ms. Hall reportedly being a Native American are a combustible combination. There isn't ready statistics noting which cases experience successful live retrieval of suspected abducted youth, or what it takes for the FBI, ICE or BIA to become involved.

Hall has some physical similarities to multiple other similar aged females whose criminal death cases are unsolved, and may have connections to Mexican Cartel actions in Oklahoma.

Missing teens reportedly end up in sex trafficking as early as 48 hours after leaving home. This can happen in abductions, and in AWOL.

Many Oklahoman's don't understand how child sex assault or sex abuse investigations work.

With core questions like this unanswered

Or like this. What rights does the public or any given family have to report a crime, be heard and believed.

Next Tuesday, POTUS will say what the plan is about dealing with sex assault amongst young people

Failure to tally a crime in the initial report, failure to accurately listen to the reporting party means a number of things.

1.) it lowballs crime stats for the area, and state ( many people prefer this because with sex assault, a violent interpersonal crime, it reduces risk for property owners, and does not negatively effect property values, "we don't have that problem here".)

2.) it means insufficient police coverage for the area ( both by physical region and by policy, manpower, training and law). service providers are determined on comparison, so what is called the per capita crime ( how much crime per person ( age, sex, race, disability), or per square mile of city or per crime type ( if it is a compounded crime like beating, break-in, rape and theft ranks differently than just a break-in).

3.) it means that whoever committed the crime is free to do it again, against the same person or others.

4.) the risk is prevalent across various environments .... it is a problem of the CITY when an area of the city is suffering. Are crime reports more accurate in some areas than others?

5.) what can OKCPD possibly do, if Mayor Mick Cornett has for almost 15 years refused flatly to put these men and women first, so on all fronts they can get what they need.

a.) OKCPD is down between 300 and 600 staff, of all kinds. Predominantly, trained boots on the ground officers.

b.) OKCPD does not have electronics and computer or communications systems that reflect the type of work they do, so their equipment is as much as 20 years old. They are getting a new building, but are expected to wait until that is done to be aided? Really?

c.) OKCPD is therefore unable to intake and triage cases at a rate that dovetails information quickly and succinctly to triages that allow for assignment.

d.) Oh wait. They are short staffed........

e.) OKCPD does not have sufficient advanced training for understanding abductions, sex trafficking and child sex abuse investigations at rates noted to be considered effective and best practices ( see the POLARIS PROJECT site).

f.) OKCPD is unsupported by exacting policy and law that reflects what needs to be done, as evidenced by the ongoing slipping and overt failure to get exacting reports, investigate without interference

g.) ( BTW OKDHS and CARE CENTER STAFFING DECISIONS have been constantly noted for the last 8 years to this writer as exact points of interference causing child sex assault cases to fail, but no investigation of either has happened, no laws or policy has changed and persons who have conflicts of interest and dually populate systemic jobs over same, populate 'community boards" over Commission on Children and Youth and other watchdog groups, supposedly looking to better child sex investigations".)

h.) No legislator, lawmaker or the governor has moved to address these issues. The sitting governor appointed the Judges on these failed cases,and has refused to remove them. These cases had court involvement, and have been of note.

Tia and Serenity and the infamous 39th Street Murder- Suicide. is a pristine example.

As is AJA

Then this was listed prior. Misty had to take her case to the regional Supreme Court.

There are more, but the public surely gets the concerns.

At what point is OKC not going to tolerate law enforcement guessing at what is wrong, and informing the public of missing teens. Everthing about this situation adds up to alarm.

1.) auto theft

2. )Missing


b) female

c) Native American ?

3.) found vehicle

4.) truant from school with no prior history of same

5.) attends prestigious private school

6.) is this a kidnapping

7.) is this a rape

8.) is this sex trafficking

9.) are drugs, cartel or gang involved

10.) does this person have medical or mental health problems?

What is the decision making matrix that ruled out Anne J. Hill report? Is Anne J. Hill a formal, card carrying member of a Native American Tribe, and is she therefore under the protections and advocacy of that tribe's law enforcement, social services and the BIA. Native American females have been a point of concern for the US regarding sex abuse and sex trafficking, due to the HIGH rate of abuse they suffer, and the low law enforcement response they get, with non-native american assailants.

See this third paragraph, that 1 out of 3 NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN WILL BE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED IN A LIFETIME and 2.5x more likely than other races to be sexually assaulted.

Who gets help and why. BTW failure to generate an AmberAlert for the immediate area, failure to broadcast to neighboring states and a complete absence of an 8 year old is a discussion in the nations capitol. #FindRelisha and here are resources for reporting any like crime, or to get education or information

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