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Editorial: What is Nintendo's big announcement?



  • Anthrax 6 years ago


    Also i loved luigi's mansion, even though it isnt considered a fan favorite, and wouldnt mind a remake. Altho my heart is set on starfox with wiimotion plus or my favorite idea, zelda wii, which i would cream my pants over but seriously doubt.

  • Stereoid 6 years ago

    True 3d perspective games without stereo-polarised lens. Something akin to Johnny Lee 3D-wii-mote innovation [google him if you've never seen it] except unlike Johnny Lee there's no need to swap the wii-mote with the sensorbar. Others can watch without a fuzzy picture but not enjoy the perspective change of the player. [sounds goble-di-guk? probably]

  • brickeater 6 years ago

    Of course I would love to see a new Zelda announcement; but if not then a sequel to Luigi's mansion or kid Icarus would be fantastic.

  • Vincent 6 years ago

    Holy carp Carl, how did you get a job at an actual site?

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