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Editorial: Former PM Mulroney endorses Justin Trudeau?

Justin Trudeau Facebook Profil Photo
Justin Trudeau Facebook Profil Photo

This should not be considered an endorsement Justin Trudeau’s candidacy for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. All candidates will have an opportunity to offer their vision to of Canada to Canadians. I believe the more candidates that enter the race, the better the situation will be for supporters and members of the Liberal Party of Canada and Canadians at-large.

Justin Trudeau, the newest candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, has been declared a viable candidate by a former Conservative Party prime Minister. Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says; Trudeau has “the ingredients” needed to help propel the Liberal Party back into government.

Trudeau formally launched his leadership bid on Tuesday night in his Montreal-area riding. He is the first sitting Member of Parliament race many Liberal party supporters and members hope will offer a turning point for the party.

Speaking to the Globe and Mail’s editorial board on Wednesday, Mulroney said he believes Trudeau is a strong candidate who shouldn’t be underestimated. “He’s a fine young man, he’s going to do well,” he said. “And I’ll tell you: People, who underestimate him, they do so at their own peril.”

He said he considered the late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau to be a “very tough, able man,” adding, “You know, the apple sometimes doesn’t fall far from the tree. He certainly has some of the grit of his dad, and he’s obviously got, as well, he obviously has some of the qualities required to win an election.”

He said he believes the eldest son of the former Prime Minister is smart and capable of being both a good listener and speaker. His fluency in French and English, his appearance, and the fact that he’s fought and won two elections already are also helpful, Mulroney said.

The comments could be considered a shot across the bow of current Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who will attempt to paint Trudeau as inexperienced and entitled. The divisions between the Prime Minister’s supporters from the now defunct Canadian Alliance Party and Mulroney’s defunct Progressive Conservative Party have been getting deeper since Harper’s attempt to distance himself from Mulroney in recent years. This should spell concern for supporters of the Prime Minister going into three key by-elections in Calgary Centre, Durham, and Victoria.