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Edith Flagg dies at 94: 'Million Dollar Listing' grandma lived a legendary life

Edith Flagg dies at the age of 94 after living a long and adventurous life.
Edith Flagg dies at the age of 94 after living a long and adventurous life.
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Edith Flagg has died at 94, and her family is now mourning the loss of her. Fans of Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing" are also mourning this week. Edith Flagg was the grandma of the star of the hit reality series. Josh Flagg revealed that his grandmother passed away on Wednesday via his Twitter account. TMZ also shared a statement released by the reality star on Aug. 13.

Josh Flagg has not hidden his admiration for his grandmother. The two shared a close relationship, and he has spoken out about his grandmother and the life she lived since her passing earlier this week. Her family expected her death, and they tried to make Edith as comfortable as possible in her final days. She lived 94 years, and her grandson made sure there was more to her than just being the grandmother of a reality television star. He said the following about his grandmother to TMZ:

"My grandmother was a legend, not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of the countless people she helped and touched. Beverly Hills and LA have lost one of the great members of the community."

What made Edith Flagg so legendary? The woman fled the holocaust at the age of 19 when she left Austria. She arrived in Los Angeles in 1948, and she brought something with her. After discovering polyester in Switzerland, she brought the fabric with her, and she became a fashion mogul by becoming the first distributor of the fabric in the United States. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Flagg had a net worth of $100 million in 2012.

Before Josh headed to Bravo with his reality television series in 2006, Edith lived a life out of the public eye. She was not the type to dress up and attend flashy parties. She felt most comfortable in pair of sneakers and a polo shirt as she made her way around town. Flagg also wrote columns for "Women's Wear Daily" and "California Apparel News."

When "Million Dollar Listing" hit Bravo, people met Edith Flagg, and she became known for her honest advice. She did not hold back when she had something to say. Josh said the following about his grandmother:

"She was the most eccentric woman I ever knew. All she wanted was to help people and be there for them. The very last thing she said to me in true Edith style was 'Mama Mia' after I said 'I know you don't feel so great right now.'"

In Josh's tweet on Wednesday, he called Edith his hero and his best friend. In 2009, Josh released a book containing stories that his grandmother had told him over the years. Josh wrote "A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me" when he was 14.

Edith's death on Wednesday was the last in a trio of deaths that shocked Hollywood this week. The most shocking death was of Robin Williams. He was found on Monday morning after committing suicide. Lauren Bacall passed on Tuesday. Fans have taken to social media to express their sadness over these deaths. One fan of Edith tweeted the following after her passing:

"Aw Edith Flagg passed, Million Dollar Listing. 94! Loved her energy & courage. Only dream to live to 94. Don't worry I wont be naked on web."

Josh Flagg is one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles. "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" will return to Bravo with a new season on Aug. 20.

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