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Edisto Island Open Land Trust protects an inheritance more precious than profit



  • jerry johnson 6 years ago

    I would like to thank these land owner's for putting thier land in a trust! This benefits all of us. Thanks for this informative article.

  • Stan Dotson 6 years ago

    Hey LNJ, thanks for the good article. Helping people find ways to maintain a living off the land is the key, I think, because the reality is many people comply with the tragic narrative out of economic desperation. Some for short term profit, for sure, but many would love to stay on the land, but the cost of staying on it is often high. Did you know that Phyllis Stiles now works for a conservancy group, Blue Ridge Forever? Good group. You can check them out on the world wide web.

  • Tina Ranieri 6 years ago

    ITs only about time people started to care

  • Nicholas Boudreau 6 years ago

    I wish i could travel back in time and explore the South Carolina coastal lands before they were so highly developed. I always imagine how great it would be to surf Folly and look towards the shore only to see wild nature.

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