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Edison Ford 'Road Scholar' event (Photos)

On March 18, 2014, according to Edison Ford, there will be a special event at the Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, Fla. The event is "Road Scholar," and it will be held March 31 and April 8.

Thomas Edison at winter home in Fort Myers, Florida
Thomas Edison, Photo: Courtesy
Edison Ford
Edison Ford, Photo: Courtesy

"For this event there are more than 300 participants from around the world. Edison Ford is a featured site for the lifelong learning 'Road Scholar' program of Elderhostel." - Edison Ford

According to The Estates, participants will enjoy a Southwest Florida experience that includes Sanibel Island and downtown Fort Myers.

The guests have been spending a full day at Edison Ford, and that includes a behind-the-scenes tour.

Inside the historic homes and laboratory, with curatorial staff, the participants can learn about unique architecture by enjoying an award winning restoration just as the Edison and Ford families experienced Florida in days gone by.

Participants receive presentations by Edison Ford faculty. Two of these include “Edison at Work: Laboratories and Innovations” and “Henry Ford Industrialization,” of which insight is offered about the two great inventors.

While at Edison Ford guests can also enjoy breakfast, lunch and refreshments.

In addition, a tour of the site, lab and museum are offered as well.

To learn more about the Southwest Florida Road Scholar programs that are held in March and April visit Road Scholar or call (800) 454-5768.

Edison Ford contacts are Chris Pendleton, President & CEO, Lisa Sbuttoni, PR/Marketing Director and staff at
(239) 334-7419.

Enjoy above video on "Explore the Edison and Ford Winter Estates."

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