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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle as seen from the street below.
Edinburgh Castle as seen from the street below.
Photo by Sue Hunt


  • Brenda 6 years ago

    One day I'm not only going to visit this castle, but I will dance in it, and I know just the man with whom I shall dance.

  • Alastair 6 years ago

    The castle is one of my favourite places, in one of my favourite cities. The view over Prince's Street Gardens and out across the New Town is worth the price of admission alone, but the castle is a wonderfully romantic place. I suggest visiting it early on a pretty spring morning with someone you adore. :)

  • Anne 6 years ago

    Indeed, one of my favorite cities of all we have visited. Must admit my main memory of the castle is, "I am so cold!". We were there first part of March - would love to go back in summer. Truly a beautiful sight, the castle from the city at night.

  • Chris Keach 6 years ago

    Brenda, the feel of place will have you dancing a jig!

    Alastair, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for stopping by!

    Anna, there's a certain magic to being there in the summer, although it does get crowded!

  • Robin Shepperd 6 years ago

    I am more familiar with the castles in Ireland. This one looks huge and formidable. Looking at it and hearing about it makes me know I have to go there.

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