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Edina Realty Champlin: Tash Casso Undergraduate of Communications 763.569.5644

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Edina Realty Champlin, Tash Casso undergraduate in Communications, MN licensed Realtor, Negotiation Mediation MN certified. It's official spring is here and it is a sellers market. Offers on homes are being bid for well over the asking price, some over $20,000. Thinking about putting your home on the market? Call Tash Casso at 763.569.5644.

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If you've been holding off on putting your house up for sale, now is the best time! Allow Tash Casso to list, market, and get your home SOLD!

Everyone's expectations are different, what are yours? Is the Minnesota cold and snow forcing you out? Are you looking to sale your home to move to a warmer climate. Let's discuss your options, call Edina Realty Licensed agent Tash Casso, 763.569.5644.