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Edible wedding favors are eco-friendly


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Environmentally friendly weddings are no longer the exclusive choice of the Birkenstock wearing crowd. Going green has gone mainstream. In fact, not showing consideration for the environment at a wedding or any other special event is frowned upon. Many local catering companies refuse to serve seafood listed on Seafood Watch’s endangered species list. Couples who print their invitations on non-recycled paper may get a scolding by someone from the planet police for being insensitive to the threat of global warming.

With an increasing amount of wedding suppliers offering eco-friendly items, getting hitched while doing something good for the planet has never been easier.

Raya Kalayjian, owner of Weddingish in Toluca Lake CA, believes that weddings accessories can be both environmentally sustainable and stylish. Her 100% natural and organic cookie favors have graced the tables of many celebrity weddings and exclusive private events.

Beautifully and meticulously decorated by hand, the cookies can be personalized with organic ribbons or created in custom shapes. Bathed in a vanilla colored coat of icing, the entire cookie is free from any dyes or preservatives. All ingredients are provided by local suppliers, which reduces the carbon footprint needed to produce the product.

Edible favors are gaining popularity as brides look for keepsakes that won’t end up in the back of a cluttered drawer or worse, in a landfill. Equally wasteful are the types of favors that remain scattered on the tables long after the guests have left. Unlike bells, bubbles, or other trinkets, cookies, which beckon a cool glass of milk to make the perfect post-reception snack, are rarely left behind by guests.

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