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Edgy Soul provides beautiful assortment of spiritual-inspired accessories

Jewelry from
Jewelry from

Edgy Soul, an online retailer that offers positive energy bracelets that help to heal the body and soul, empower the mind, and enlighten the spirit, has updated their selection of bracelets and their divine.

"Be Balanced" bracelet available at Edgy Soul

Edgy Soul designs its products using high quality natural materials with unique designs, thus providing its clients with an array of options to express their individuality "in an organic, spiritual way."

Many of the products featured on the site are named according to the significance of the gemstones associated with it. For instance, the "Be Aware," which includes black onyx and red carnelian, is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and positive energy. The bracelet includes a Buddhist Ohm symbol which is believed that draw in positive vibrations.

Edgy Soul offers both men's and women's collections, and you can shop by the benefit you are seeking, or by the crystal's name.

To learn more about Edgy Soul and to check out their beautiful assortment of products, please visit

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