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Edgewood man arrested for killing girlfriend's dog for a barbecue

A chiweenie (this is not the dog in the story).
A chiweenie (this is not the dog in the story).

Salvador Martinez, 46, was arrested on Saturday in Edgewood, New Mexico and now faces fourth degree felony animal cruelty charges and child abuse for killing his girlfriend's dog with the intentions of serving the dog for dinner reported

A Torrance County Sheriff's officer was called out to the residence after the girlfriend found the skinned body of her nine-month-old Chiweenie in the refrigerator the next day. When she confronted Martinez, he told her if she didn't want to eat her dog, he would take it over to his mother's house and put it on the barbecue.

When authorities arrived, Martinez admitted to killing the dog, named Onyx, telling the sheriff there was no food for his family and the grandchildren. He said he took the puppy out back and stabbed her in the heart with a screwdriver, skinned her and had been marinating the dog in the refrigerator after looking up dog recipes on the Internet.

While it is not illegal in the State of New Mexico to eat dog meat, Martinez was arrested for extreme animal cruelty and performing the egregious act while the children were in the home and had knowledge of what he was doing to the dog.

According to Martinez's ex-girlfriend, she alleges her boyfriend was drinking heavily that day, there was plenty of food to feed the family in the home, and that Martinez killed the young dog because it had been barking and annoying him. He supposedly killed the dog to make "an example for the other dogs."

Rest in peace Onyx.

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