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'Edge of Tomorrow's' Emily Blunt nearly breaks her nose during training

According to Daily News on Sunday, actress Emily Blunt of Doug Liman's "Edge of Tomorrow" plays a highly decorated soldier against an alien infestation. She's a powerhouse character that is enlisted by Tom Cruise's role, Major Bill Cage, to help him improve his combat readiness as he's somehow inherited the time-loop ability that the enemy already possesses. Blunt speaks about her training experience as she's partaken in aerial stunts whilst engaging in sword play.

Emily Blunt as Rita in Warner Bros. Pictures' and Village Roadshow Pictures' sci-fi thriller "Edge of Tomorrow,' distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and in territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.
Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers Entertianment, Inc. and Village Roadshow (BVI) Limited, used with permission

Apparently, Blunt spoke of having almost broke her nose with the hilt of her own weapon due to an entanglement of wires that caused the sword to rebound back in her direction. The scene had delay it's shooting until Blunt recovered.

Blunt's motivation to take on such a strenuous role was due in part to become inspirational to the female audience. This was a decision she had made long before she became a mother as she was married to NBC's "The Office's" John Krasinski. Apparently, Blunt feels that there's not too many empowered female roles in action flicks, but since this opportunity presented itself, it was something she decided to take on immediately.

“I just think it’s so rare. I mean you never come across an empowered female role in an action movie anymore. They’re usually holding the hand of the guy and running behind them as if they didn’t know where to go unless she’s holding his hand. That’s what I’m used to reading and seeing.”

Though a movie spoiler here reveals that Cruise's character has no time to be "hand-holding" as he's entirely focused on his survival and the winning of the war. Blunt's character, Rita, intends to help him fulfill that mission. Both director Liman and actor Cruise hand picked Blunt because of her gymnastic abilities and her experience in track during her childhood.

However, this childhood experience did not get her ready for the 80-pound equipment she had worn as she ran up sand dunes repeatedly over a period of time. The crew as well as her cohorts gave a quite loving name for the sandy venue.

"The beach became known as ‘the b***h’ to everyone involved in shooting on it for those seven weeks."

The experience was rather exhausting for both Cruise and Blunt as she explained that at the end of the Red Carpet event they were having to prop each other up. Blunt had received a small amount of sleep as she traveled by air with her 3-month old by her side. The heroine actress could probably feel better about her daughter knowing she was an action star and should her kid ever misbehave, she can allow her to watch "Edge of Tomorrow" to realize she shouldn't "mess with mom."

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