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'Edge of Tomorrow' or on the edge of your seat, contemplating going home?

"Edge of Tomorrow" is a video game-like movie that repeats itself over and over again.
"Edge of Tomorrow" is a video game-like movie that repeats itself over and over again.
"Edge of Tomorrow" promo

If your planning a night out or a matinee trip to the movies this weekend, it might be a good idea to reconsider seeing "Edge of Tomorrow," Tom Cruise's latest flick. Cruise's character is sucked into this sci-fi version of "Ground Hog Day" over and over again. The action is like watching the video game of an unskilled player with not a chance of you jumping in to show them the error of their ways.

Boston Herald puts it simply in their review on June 6, '"Edge of Tomorrow' borders on awful," and even that might be too kind. Cruise, who plays Major William Cage, is not short on arrogance as he relives the same day in this familiar scenario that was better utilized in "Ground Hog Day."

An alien war has rained down upon the Earth and these mechanical-like aliens called mimics dart about the land with alarming speed. They use their spider-like limbs as spears to puncture their victims like one would pick up a cocktail frank with a toothpick. Void of all personality, these mimics appear to be just there so the characters have something to battle.

As Boston Herald's James Verneire says, the mimics' limbs are "ready-made for 3-D." Maj. Cage, who is somewhat of a coward, shows his true colors to British General Brigham, played by Brendan Gleeson, and is sanctioned to J Squad. Here he meets the loser elites of the military, with Bill Paxton playing Master Sargent Farell, who is in charge of this less-than stellar group.

It appears that this story takes place in the near future where a large portion of the human race has already been taken down. The movies tagline of "Live. Die. Repeat" really says it all. The mimics are like a speedy spider version of "Edward Scissorhands," resembling Edward's fast-motion when he would get into his trimming mode.

Cage fights in Operation Downfall and he gets many chances to do this until he gets it right. This is where the "Ground Hog Day" scenario comes in, as each time he is wiped out he comes back again. He always returns before Operation Downfall starts.

Many of the reviews for the "Edge of Tomorrow" hit on the repetition. USA Today 's reviewer suggests that "the repetition grows tedious and resembles a video game." The Boston Herald also makes a comparison to a video game for this movie, saying:

"Yes, this movie is as painfully stupid as it sounds, and it has more video game DNA than cinema blood in its veins."

Before Cruise's character is wiped out the first time, the Angel of Verdun appears to him on the beach. Her name is Rita Vrataski and she is played by Emily Blunt. She carries a sword, catches his eye and trains Cage to be a soldier. Then it continues with Cage getting wiped out again and coming back again before the war begins again and again and again!

He joins forces with Rita to find the alien Omega, which looks similar to a "blue lava lamp," as Vernerie suggests in his review. Each time he returns Cage and Rita are a little closer to finding the lava lamp, or Omega. They need to destroy this Omega and save the world. This throw back to the '60s-looking prop, Omega, is found under the Louvre.

With each rewind for Cage you may find yourself still waiting for that wow-factor, as you just know all this coming back again will lead to something spectacular. If you find yourself on the edge of your seat at all during this film, it will most likely be during a moment when you are contemplating cutting your losses in time and money and heading home.

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