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Edge-of-their-seat learning

Kids get excited about learning in homeschool
Kids get excited about learning in homeschool
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Have you even seen a child watching an action film or a favorite TV program? How about watching a kid in the stands at some enormous sports arena or at a live concert?

What do these kids do during the funny scenes? The moments of explosive action? The second or third musical encore?

Move to the edge of their seats, right?

Back straight, they lean in forward, even stretching their necks out as if trying to get in just a tiny bit closer to the action. You might even catch a big, wide smile, a gasp or look of amazement. Adults do it, too.

Now apply that to your child’s homeschool learning.

Which lessons do you assign that make your kids sit up straight? What topics get your child to lean in, neck bent, trying to get closer look? Is there anything you currently do in your homeschool that gets your child to the edge of his seat?

If the answer is no, get busy!

Could it be that learning in your home is just a little too hum-drum?

Nothing beats watching a child find something that sparks an interest or ignites some major fascination. Though homeschooling learning doesn’t always have to be fun, at least some of it should! And learning is fun – that is, as long as it’s exactly what a child wants to learn about.

When children are interested – that is, really, really engaged - you’ll absolutely know it. There is no mistaking a child on the edge of her seat, soaking up everything she can. Make that happen a little bit more often, and you’ve got a full-blown passion on your hands, too.

Take a look at what you’ve got going on in your homeschool today. Make sure to incorporate ways to get your children sitting on the edge of their seats!


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