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Edetailing – Growth And Evolution

Edetailing - Growth And Evolution
Edetailing - Growth And Evolution
Luis Balaguar

By: Tara Anderson

The growth and development of internet technology that coincided with the enhanced pressure on the pharmaceutical companies for better and more effective marketing and sales strategies, is the factor that prompted the development of edetailing during the beginning of this century. This also resulted in subsequent developments in online marketing and sales solutions and helped professionals to reach and engage their target customers; who are increasingly getting indifferent to most traditional communication forms and mediums used for the purposes of sales and marketing.

In modern times the influence of the internet and technologies have a prominent and an overwhelming effect on every aspect of life, and naturally it is not surprising that the impact is also extended to the healthcare industry; including the patients and the professionals. For the purpose of researching on different diseases, healthcare products and services, internet now tops the list of sources for finding professional information. Thus, including the online channel in their marketing and sales strategies has become essential for pharmaceutical companies all over the world. For pharma companies, their investment in e-detailing can have a number of beneficial results such as;

• A high number of visitors compared to their previous projects
• Long average length of visits
• A greater probability of revisiting
• High number of prompted and unprompted recalls on key and important product or service messages.

Most traditional promotional or sales campaigns are found to be lacking in meaningful return on investment results and moreover as the total cost of the project and its direct impact is pretty difficult to measure. This is also the reason that made is almost impossible to generate a complete return on investment answer to their offline marketing and sales activities.

But as long as a company can correctly set up its back-end metrics, any activity online can be accurately tracked and reported allowing the pharmaceutical companies to measure the return on investment for the online projects undertaken by them. Pharma companies who are now investing in edetailing applications are actually required to undertake a sustained campaign for benefiting from the increased return on investment in order to measure the true impact of their investment.

It is more or less accepted by the industry experts that the process is going to be a very important part of pharmaceutical sales and marketing strategies in the days to come and there is also a lot of scope for future evolutions so that the industry can actually benefit. A host of opportunities for future evolution of the process already exists and some of the most important of them are:

• CRM integration and personalized selling for more competitive advantage like preference oriented detailing
• Deployment of handheld devices to deliver information even on the move
• Creating better modules for wider product marketing and sales strategies
• Using advanced telemarketing
• Targeting customers depending upon their geographical and demographical metrics and a number of others.

As the internet and related technologies are becoming increasingly correlated; edetailing solutions are steadily evolving to become a significant part of the industry.

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