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Edeka knows it's supergeil to bathe in milk

Bathing in milk is Supergeil
Bathing in milk is Supergeil

Another catchy international tune is about to hit your shores. Based on 2013's "Supergeil" (Super Cool) by Del Tourist, German grocery chain Edeka's new commercial makes mundane shopping look down right sexy. Like the commercial, you can get sexy skin at home by bathing in milk.

In the Edeka commercial, German entertainer Friedrich Liechtenstein oddly appears in a variety of everyday eating and lifestyle situations. The commercial is part rich Russian guy from the DirecTV commercials mixed with the king from the wake up with the king Burger King commercials. In one scene, Edeka's twisty tune shows the 58 year old entertainer bathing in milch (milk).

According to legend, the famed Cleopatra also bathed in milk. The natural fats and vitamins in milk can calm redness, soothe dryness, and hydrate skin without making it feel oily. Lactic acid in cow's milk naturally exfoliates with skin without being harsh. Milk is also high in Vitamin A, a healing ingredient found in many anti-aging skincare products.

Companies sell milk powder baths, but you can get the same benefit straight from the cow by adding two cups of milk into your next bath. Rinse with water post milk soak. If you're allergic to dairy, obviously pouring milk into your next bath will not be supergeil.

Check out the video, then shimmy down the dairy aisle at your local grocer to grab a bottle of milk for your next bath.