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Eddlemon's BBQ, a Grand Prairie tradition since 1953

Eddlemon's old sign, moved from it's original location to the new location at Prairie Lakes.
Eddlemon's old sign, moved from it's original location to the new location at Prairie Lakes.
Photo by: Jason Watkins

If you’re ever in Grand Prairie and get that barbecue craving, just head to the Prairie Lakes golf course, where you’ll find Eddlemon’s Barbecue. Starting as a modest convenience and barbecue store, Eddlemon’s has been plating up their barbecue in Grand Prairie since 1953.

After being approached by the city of Grand Prairie in 2006, Eddlemon’s moved out to Prairie Lakes golf course to take over the food and beverage operation. Eddlemon’s also operates a catering operation from the same location, catering events all over the DFW metroplex. Don’t worry about the barbecue changing with the move to Prairie Lakes, because the city of Grand Prairie duplicated Eddlemon’s original pit on site at the golf course.

Eddlemon’s, open for breakfast and into the evening, has a menu offering everything from breakfast to barbecue sandwiches and plates, to rib-eye steaks, stuffed baked potatoes, and tasty German sausage. However, as good as their barbecue is, the potato salad is some of the absolute best I’ve ever had. After having some with a sandwich, I ordered a pint of it to take home with me. It’s that good.

I can’t begin to pick what I like the most at Eddlemon’s. The brisket is very tender, and has great flavor. Combined with some of their homemade barbecue sauce and you’re in barbecue heaven. You can’t go wrong with a sliced of chopped beef sandwich and a side of potato salad for a great quick lunch.

As tasty as the brisket is, the German Sausage sandwich or ‘Almost World Famous Hot Link’ certainly make for a good alternative if brisket isn’t what you want. Pair it with some french fries, onion rings, or potato salad for a good combo.

Eddlemon’s also offers barbecue by the pound, along with their potato salad and pinto baked beans. Grab some of their brisket, hot links, and potato salad and you’re sure to please your family or a group of friends. Along with their barbecue and sides, you can also pick up a container of their own barbecue rub that they use on their briskets, chicken, rib-eye steaks, and turkey to use in your own home.

Swing by Prairie Lakes in Grand Prairie and grab some great barbecue at Eddlemon’s. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough room in your car for all the barbecue and sides you’ll be bringing back home with you.


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