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Eddie's Bar and Grill in Garland

Eddies Sports Bar and Grill off Centerville Rd.
Eddies Sports Bar and Grill off Centerville Rd.
Miranda Wright

Eddie’s Sports Bar and Grill

     It’s 7:40 PM at Eddie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Garland and the place is full of the happy hour crowd.  Two long stretched out tables occupied by a company mixture of real estate agents, sitting, standing, some still in uniform with name tags still on, all middle aged. Looking around the restaurant it is easy to see why the place is so packed, Eddie’s Sports Bar and Grill is simply the largest club in Garland, and easily the nicest.

There are rows of banquet style tables in the middle of the floor when you enter.  To the right we find a wall decorated with leather booths.  In the corner stands a solitary quarter pool table, and to the left a shot gun style maple wood bar against the far back wall. In the middle of the club we find an elevated DJ booth complete with dance floor, and outside a large relaxed patio complete with Jenga and an unplugged Golden Tee video game.

Everyone seems to be having fun, except maybe the waitresses. There are two of them, both bored young blonds, helpful in reciting the happy hour specials, but neglectful in the rushing of the check and refilling of the drinks.

It’s Wednesday night and on the neatly organized and spill proof menu we find a weekly line-up of specials and club events.

Wednesday Night

Lunch special 11-4
HH 2-8
Jager and Tuaca $5
Fuk Royals $5 all day
Dom Drats $1.50 2-8 PM
Karaoke 8PM-1AM

Sitting at Eddie’s Bar and Grill taking sips of our $1.25 beers it is easy to relax. The place has a natural, pleasurable, Texas State pride feel. On every tv plays a game of college basketball.  And team and state flags are flying in every corner of the ceiling. Timing the drinks of our beers, we salute each flag, first Texas, then Aggies, next the Longhorns, followed by the US flag. A Dallas Stars' light winks back at the crowd of cheery merry makers and in the background country music and Nickelback plays. The good times roll on.

At 8:21 PM people start dancing, mainly couples and co-workers. Then karaoke starts. Real estate agent Maria is the first contestant, followed next by a duet. People in the crowd start submitting more songs, inspired by crowd enthusiasm and the clink of beer mugs.

Overall we find that a visit to Eddie’s Bar and Grill off Centerville will most likely be the cleanest and classiest experience you will find at a bar in Garland. The place is fun, full good home cheer, and happy people relaxing and socializing as the sun sets and evening settles into a mood of exciting nightlife. To find out more information log onto Eddie's Bar and Grill website.


  • Guy in Garland 5 years ago

    What a joke. Paid review if ever there was one. I've been to Eddies many times, and Ms. Gahagan's sister used to work there until she was fired for giving away drinks to her friends. First, it's not a club; it's a bar that masquerades as a club sometimes due to lack of customers to the neighborhood bar concept. Second, the food is awful; though you can order from Eddie's Napoli's Italian joint, which is marginally better than sucks.

    And what is the point of having a video game on the patio that is unplugged? This is just a small example of the ineptitude of the owner and manager.

    The DJ booth is in the back corner in front of the bathrooms, not the middle, of this maybe 1200 square foot "club". The "manager", Mike, who is Eddie's nephew I believe, is a jerk and I have seen him ask people to leave because they complained about the food quality or lack of service. I also spoke to a couple of his kitchen employees who he pays in cash, I wonder why? Interesting since he's an immigra

  • Guy in Garland 5 years ago

    These guys, immigrants to this country, employ other undocumented immigrants and pay them in cash to avoid paying the matching payroll taxes they would otherwise have to pay. They also under report wages paid to servers for the same reason. They come to this country and abuse our tolerance and kindness, making a mockery of our system and then help others do the same.

    They come from some eastern European craphole, personally identify with Italy, and use us before they rotate home for a while distributing our wealth overseas, all while openly criticizing our ideals and government. But they have a little jingle so the stupid people here ignore all that for their own convenience.

  • Born in "european craphole" 1 year ago

    Guy in Garland is ignorant. All of the workers there ARE documented, NOT illegal. They don't rotate backhome distributing "the wealth" of this country. Wow such an angry person he is. The food is amazing at Eddie's bar, the drinks are well priced, the service is good & the owner is very friendly!! Its a go to bar!!

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