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Eddie Murphy says hold on...I am not your father

On Wednesday January 22 TMZ reported that an emerging young comedian, Brando Murphy, is following in his fathers footsteps. The only problem is, Eddie Murphy, the famous actor and comedian that Brando is insinuating is his father - is actually not.

I am Eddie Murphy's son

Reportedly, Brando Murphy who has used the fact that he looks just like Eddie Murphy in his stand up comedy routine has done several things to make people believe that he is Murphy's son. During a past comedy show at an L.A comedy club Brando Murphy states that he gets tired of people telling him that he looks just like Eddie Murphy because he hears that everywhere he goes. He jokingly said that when people approach him and ask him "do you know who you look like," he responds by saying "of course I know who I look like. I can't help it. I was born with this face."

Eddie's lawyer fired off several threatening letters to Brando Murphy, claiming the comedian has all but advertised on a sandwich board that he's Eddie's offspring. In one letter -- obtained by TMZ -- Eddie's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, threatens to sue him for millions if he doesn't back off.

The comedian has even taken the liberty of changing his last name to Murphy. He has taken photos where he is wearing similar red leather pants and jacket just as Eddie Murphy wore in his classic 1983 stand up comedy television show 'Delirious,' for the promotion of an Eddie Murphy biopic which he was set to star in but, has yet to be released.

In addition to changing his last name the young comedian has also performed with Richard Pryor's son, Mason, in the "Sons of Comedy" tour and has showed up at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Eddie frequents and screaming, "My father won't talk to me!

Although he is being accused Brando is insisting that he has never presented himself as the son of Eddie Murphy. He's calling Eddie's accusations "vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome."

Brando says he'll sue Eddie for defamation if he continues what he calls a campaign of intimidation.

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