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Eddie Izzard live and on DVD: Will life and/or laughs drag on?

Life can a drag
Life can a drag

You either like him or not.
If you are an Eddie Izzard devotee, you can send him two VD reminders.
Watch him as you journey into the intriguing, neo-noir universe of Brüteville, a dystopian city where high-octane thrills, gangster mayhem and a generous dose of subversive, satirical bent collide, now that Shout! Factory has unleashed the outrageous action-comedy cult hit Bullet in the Face: The Complete Series. The all-star cast includes Eric Roberts, Max E. Williams, Neil Napier, Jessica Steen, Kate Kelton. Eddie plays notorious crime lord Tannhäuser, an agoraphobic criminal with a flair for the dramatic. Will it be a drag?
This is sin city.
Violent criminal Gunter Vogler (Max E. Williams) is a sociopath. He hates everyone and everything. When a bloody jewelry store robbery goes awry and he is shot by his accomplice and girlfriend, Martine (Kate Kelton), he eventually wakes up in a hospital having received a face transplant. Gunter now has the face of a police officer he had killed earlier and as payback, the police tell him he now has to work for them and fight crime.
With old friends becoming his new foes and enemies turning into allies, Gunter suffers an identity crisis that has him seeking revenge against the entire human race. Law enforcement thought that with Gunter in their ranks, they were fighting fire with fire, but instead, Gunter is scorching the Earth. He is a one-man wrecking crew, a raging inferno carrying a police badge.
He’s also a man on a mission to reunite with the woman he loves, Martine, who gave him the ultimate parting shot . . . “bullet in the face.”
If you prefer to get face-to-face with izzard, he's bringing his Force Majeure world tour to Pittsburgh’s Byham Theater on Saturday May 31 and Sunday, June 1 at 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now. Tickets start at $50.25 and are available at or calling 412-456-6666.
For those who might mix him up with a chicken gizzard or God forbid, George Grizzard, we've been told Mr Ed is "one of the most acclaimed comedians of his generation . . . unique, tangential, absurd and surreal comic narratives are lauded for their creativity and wit."
Izzard recently completed runs in France performing entirely in French and in Berlin performing entirely in German. We assume in Greece, he's doing it Greek style?

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