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Gallery 446's Eddie Donaldson interviews on 'Art and Sound' Coachella exhibit

In celebration of the sold out Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival opening, Listen Deep is presenting a special exhibition entitled Art and Sound: A Visual Journey into the Mind of Music. Featuring several musician-artists and highlighting visual art that explores the relationship between art and sound, this energizing exhibit shows April 10 through May 4 at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs, California.

Gallery 446's 'Art and Sound' exhibit
Gallery 446's 'Art and Sound' exhibit
Courtesy of Jen DiSisto
Brian Batt's image of Karen O
Courtesy of Jen DiSisto

Gallery 446 owner Eddie Donaldson, with Jen DiSisto (Art Duet) and Raymond Roker (URB magazine), curated this exhibition, which displays artwork from an all-star lineup including Moby (musician/photographer), Brandon Boyd (Incubus/artist), Piper Ferguson (photographer), Risk (graffiti artist), Fishbone (musician), Chali Tuna (Jurassic 5), DJ Poet (Black Eyed Peas), Lee Scratch Perry (reggae artist), Danny Boy O’Connor (House of Pain), Mickey Avalon (artist/musician), Jim Evans (T.A.Z.), DJ Z Trip, and many more.

In this interview with Eddie Donaldson, he discusses how the orchestration of this exhibit came together harmoniously to form a distinctly visual musical journey:

L.C. In curating this exciting exhibit, how did you approach selecting pieces from unique artist-musicians so that they harmonize together so well?

E.D. I cannot take all the credit. Though I did know it was important to represent this genre to coincide with Coachella, I also had great partners in Jen (DiSisto) and Raymond (Roker) so it was very easy. Across the board, the artists were all so talented that it really just fell into place perfectly.

L.C. What do you feel the gestalt of this exhibit reveals regarding the relationship between art and sound?

E.D. Everyone involved in the show has a deep fondness for and relationship with music. Music has always had a close relationship with visual art through live performance, music video film and television. So our goal was to demonstrate how creative types can create on both levels.

Art and Sound is on display April 10 through May 4, 2014.
Gallery 446, 446 S. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262