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EDD To Be Audited Over Denied Claims

Cmd+V)At The Schools with Audrey Linden

EDD faces an audit on all the denied claims that the Appeals judges have overturned. State legislators are investigating why so many judges have had to appeal so many of EDD denial rulings. Many substitute teachers, classroom aides, and one-on-one aides may collect unemployment, and they have been hampered in collecting their money. Claims denied only to be over turned by the Appeals judges.While the denials have been reversed, many have been without funds and have been unable to pay rent or mortgages. State lawmakers have ordered a formal audit on “how EDD may have botched the handling of thousands of EDD claims”. The State Auditor has been directed to find out why more than half the denied claims were denied and why they were overturned by Appeals judges. This audit and investigation has been made a top priority.

It shows there was a “breakdown in the system.” The State legislators want to get to the bottom of the “breakdown” in the system and streamline the handling of claims so people have not have to deal with filing of appeals in order to get their payments. The audit will cost $ 222,360.

Ninety percent of claimants’ phone calls do not get through. The high rate of denial will be looked into, the overloaded phone system, and the computer glitch which affected the mailing of claim forms and payments in September.

Based on the outcome of the audit, legislators will make suggestions as to how to fix the system.

Audrey Linden

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