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Ed Reed loses $50K in robbery after bank withdrawal

Reed was happy to Jet out of Houston
Reed was happy to Jet out of Houston
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

According to via, former Houston Texans safety, Ed Reed was a victim of a theft on Wednesday. The latest reports via the Houston Police Department is that someone followed Ed Reed and smashed out his car window.

Sources continued to say that Reed went to a local bank to withdraw money. Then Ed Reed made a pit stop at a near bye Bank of America, and that’s where the crime took place.

Apparently, Ed Reed had $50,000 in the bag that was stolen off the front seat of his car.

It is not known why Ed Reed was in Houston, but he did spend half a season with the Texans before joining the Jets in 2013.

It sounds like a setup because Police believe he was followed. It must have been someone’s lucky day to come away with that much money.

It’s no secret that the move to bring Reed into the Texans organization didn’t work, but there’s no way the front office would try to get some of that money back.

According to, Ed Reed plans to play one more year before calling it a career. Hopefully he can recoup some of that hard earned money back. However, retirement is definitely a possibility.


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