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EcoReco Scooter goes 500 miles on one dollar

The cool and useful EcoReco Scooter
The cool and useful EcoReco Scooter

The EcoReco Scooter's Kickstarter campaign is now over, but that doesn't mean you can't get an EcoReco Scooter of your own.

You can go online now through the EcoReco Scooter website ( and ante up to get your own high tech eco-friendly scooter.

With its patented M3 Electrical Scooter, EcoReco wants to change the way we do ultra-short haul or local travel. Many trips to the drug store or post office could be done with a scooter.

The M3 scooter features a direct drive, brushless hub motor and a long-lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery. It literally costs pennies to operate each and every day. The M3 e-Scooter is quiet, gives off zero exhaust and emits no CO2 emissions.

If you have one dollar- you can go 500 miles.

You are also helping the environment; one trip at a time on your EcoReco Scooter.

"At EcoReco, we would like to preserve the environment in a cool and fun way," says CEO and Co-Founder of EcoReco Jay Sung. “Similar to the way Apple reshaped the smartphone industry in 2007 with the iPhone, our team of environmentally conscious engineers and physicists started with the goal of providing the best user experience possible. We then integrated and developed the best technologies into one complete package. The result is this state-of-the-art design that balances aesthetic, speed, range, portability, control, and cost.”

How fast will the M3 go, and how reliable is it?

Pretty fast. The M3 can reach speeds of about 20 mph and it can go up to 23 miles per charge on flat pavement. The battery charges quickly. It can charge up to 85% in about 2.5 hours. The M3 is foldable and lightweight so just about anyone can carry it when it needs to go with you in the car or on public transportation.

The M3 scooter is available through for $1,199.

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