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Econsultancy book giveaway: What's your biggest challenge managing a Website?

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         Paul Boag is Web designer, consultant and 
blogger. He is also the founder of Headscape,
         a Web design consultancy in Great Britain

Econsultancy wants to know:  What's your biggest challenge managing a Website?

Answer and you may win one of 10, scratch that, nine  copies (at least one is taken, see below!) of the Website Owner's Manual by Paul Boag.

The Website Owner's Manual is a book for marketers, IT managers, project leaders and business owners who need to put a website in place and keep it running with a minimum of trouble.

According to the official write-up, "This book provides a jargon-free overview of web design,  including accessibility,  usability,  online marketing,  and web development techniques. You'll gain a practical understanding of the technologies,  processes,  and ideas that drive a successful site."

Table of contents
01 Secrets to a successful website
02 Stress-free planning
03 The perfect team
04 Differences over design
05 Creating killer content
06 User centric design
07 Ensuring access for all
08 Taking control
09 Decoding technobabble
10 Driving traffic
11 Engaging your visitors
12 Planning for the future

How to enter
Instructions are at the end of this informative article by Boag entitled What is the secret to a successful website?

Very simple: Just takes membership to Econsultancy (bronze is free), your e-mail - and of course, a great response to the question: What's your biggest challenge managing a Website?

A winning entry: Montreal Social Media Examiner
My biggest challenge was getting the internal stakeholders to integrate the Web into their communication strategies. And to understand the value of strategic planning and working collaboratively. 

Trying to influence these various stakeholders in our multiple marketing and public affairs groups was difficult as the environment was decentralized and highly independent (silo mentality). What we needed was a strong sponsor and Web champion. 

Unfortunately, when it came to the Web, the vision was often short-sighted in terms of sustainability and value. 

The content value and usability considerations were often sacrificed in the rush to go online. We had multiple marketing one-off campaigns in the form of flash sites and important initiatives were reduced to PDFs - all which detracted rather than added to the organization's overall brand. Biggest lost opportunity: To tell our story in a genuine, compelling manner. 

There were (and still are) so many great stories about our products and the people behind the products that could have really put a face on our corporate culture and helped improve the organization's image - issues often identified in public opinion surveys.

What has been your biggest challenge managing a Web site?  
Please post in comment section below once you enter the contest. 

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Alison Cummings is a Web Strategy consultant and Social Media blogger based in Montreal. You can find her on Twitter @alisoncummings and Facebook.


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