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Economics: Younger immigrants all the time, expect a worse future

Prospects in other nations are not looking good; the younger generations are leaving them to come to the US in droves. This is creating problems as many are far too young to be making such choices, yet have no other options.
Prospects in other nations are not looking good; the younger generations are leaving them to come to the US in droves. This is creating problems as many are far too young to be making such choices, yet have no other options.

Fort Sill has new visitors, children who have come from across the borders to find a safer and better life. The world is become far to dangerous once more, with the largest number of refugees since WWII, once more the US looks to be the last refugee of peace. The outside world is getting so dangerous; parents are sending their children to safety while they take a stand and fight back for the futures they seek. Global population displacement is something, no it seemed is prepared for nor is it one which can last forever. The fight for freedom requires sacrifices, but should any child be the one to make that sacrifices or is it up to the adults to make changes in the world? This is a decision which has yet to be made clearly across the world, but many have already decided their children are worth more than their nations have faith in.
There are new funds for economic expansion being pumped into the Fort Sill area, this due to the needs set by the exploding children immigrating across the border. The humanitarian crisis from across the world is no longer just ‘their problem’ it is now the problem of the developed world. The global crisis has shifted attention from over-seas to the very borders of the US, as children are coming hoping to find safety from the fighting. The world is turning to more violence, there becomes less room for any child to grow up safely and they seek the last hope, a refugee from violence. This is not the first time it has happened, nor will it simple stop because the US refuses to consider the worth of it, a continued growth will occur as the violence grows across the world.
During all major wars, the US has become the last hope for a safe place; parents have sent their children here as the violence grew in other parts of the world. Politicians and governments out of control or simply unable to protect the citizens have people reacting once more, to send children for the last hope of safety. The global population has begun to see what is happening, the world is not yet settled for civilization to grow and it has much to learn. If we, as a race are to survive, we must have the next generations raised safely and within the regions of law. This must be, to assure that when the violence is over; order is reestablished by the law, and not by fear, corruption, or death.
The need to stand up to governments which are out of control has been coming for some time, Arab Spring has shown the public wants freedom if only they can get the chance to gain it. But the governments choose violence, this to assure they stay in control while keeping the current political ideology safe…the failing ideology. But if it was safe to follow this ideology, the public would have been seeing gains from it by now; instead they see how it gets worse. Economics states resources are limited, and as more resources are removed from the public so does the public react and governments crack down to remove their freedoms while following ideology based on failures. It is not conquering the ground which matters so much, but the mind-set which determines the winner of any war.
The ideas one finds acceptable is what determines how one is willing to live, and this is what we build our live upon. Teaching children to seek a better path than violence, parents have to assure their children live when the violence comes in such an amount as to overwhelm any defense. As it becomes necessary to fight for freedom, it also becomes necessary to protect those who are innocent and should have the right to grow up. But not every part of the world is able to offer the same means to defend children, this because those in charge do not want children growing, but slaves produced. The resistance to such global production of slavery has started, with reactions to send children to places which are safer.
It is not the children who should be sacrificed for the need to change the world; they are innocent of the crimes which occurred long before they were born. This sacrifice should be made by those who allowed and took public authority to follow ideology based on falsehoods and lies. Presented as a fact simply by made-up credentials does not alter the reality around us, it only causes more waste, which must be removed by another. Those seeking to extend their failures, have chosen to continue fail and forced violence upon others, their intelligence lacks the understanding need to change their minds. And once again it we notice it is the mind where we need to seek action if the future is to have a chance at all.
If the world is to end the violence which has gained so much attention, it must also end teaching violence, thus the global population needs to find a safe harbor for children to gain refugee at times. The US is a developed country, with means to protect and secure the borders it has, but is also has stated many times its doors are open to the downtrodden and innocent wanting to leave violence behind. Once more the world calls on the need to have a final refuge to the growing violence, and as in times past only children can gain the passage to such. If the US is against global slavery and lacks of freedom, how can we turn our backs on the most innocent and allow the violence to be taught yet again?

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