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Economics: World poverty, divisions in life determine politics
Economic divisions have been created to determine politics, now many are attempting to state their reality as true are ready to use force. But they have already been shown to be false, and even they know misleading further is dangerous.

Modern politics did not give rise to itself; instead those who sought to retain what they took from others brought rise to politics. Now they attempt to state a reality which is built upon their means to buy voices to speak, controlling others built upon the words they do not believe themselves. This reality of theirs has been tried before and it always ends, but never well for it takes the lives of innocents to end it. Reality is not just something we can say exist as we choose it to be, our personal desires do not change the facts which create the world. The social and civil blend of our societies comes by the basics stances we hold to, where politics is held together by the determination of monetary funds. Buying words others speak is only advertising, there is no real truth to be found there just the ideology of self-promotion.
Technology changes our lives as we allow it to happen, anticipating technology to change one considers how it will be constructed as well. Following these trends as listed above; one becomes dependant on the means to communicate and receiving information for others, not from your own experiences. If this is all that technology will be, we give our decisions over to others and are they the ones to trust comes to question. If money is the only motivation those with creditability have, those without funds can gain no creditability as the wealth gap increases. What is more, those with funds can present any ideology they want, simply by buying the voices to speak, yet present no real reality.
Jim Kim, president of the World Bank, is warning the investment world not to remain “…voluntarily blind to the impact of economic choices on the poor and vulnerable…” He has seen what is happening around the world, the mass populations once held apart for easier control via politics have now started to from a global majority. And as a majority they are demanding their funds and interest be put to use for the good of all, thus their authority is no longer just granted. Instead actions must be taken in regard to serving their needs, not simply stated but real actions which the political and monetary means must enforce as well. Reality is not what we desire nor can it be bought, it is a balance between our desires and those needs we all have.
Others have sided with the Saudis, attempting to decide for all what is and is not reality, this by lies and instruction to indoctrinate a following to the same ideology. Nor as reports are found to indicate such is happening do those in support of the Saudis allow this information to be freely made public. Instead they cancel out the public’s rights, monitor their e-mails and present false faces of concerns, while acting to serve the desires of those who pay for more lies. And in paying others, the same in the Saudis support will come back in the future to demand more of you, they will not just let you live in peace. Theirs is a falsehood, they believe simply because they bought the voice to speak, they state now how reality is to be, but it is not real.
Economics runs through our society to allow a civil means to gain what we perceive as needed, but with each gain there is also a loss. The basic accounting equations indicates we can continue to operated only so long as we maintain the balances in all such actions. But if we remove even one account, or move too much into one direction the entire table becomes lop-sided. Our journey must include all of us together or we end the journey without notice and do not determine our choices or who is a success. Instead, the social and civil nature we live by fails and this has happened before as monetary funds hold politics to want is not real.
Economics has been around for over 50,000 years, offering to save and represent the civilizations we have built, extending our means to meet our needs. Politics can only reach to the point where the public can be force to accept it, but economics reaches to those willing to accept it. It is this second one which has a longer range, for we will accept others having influences in our lives if we think it is in our interest. But we come again to the concept of creditability, the bases of any monetary fund comes as individuals find it has credit. And if authority is only willing to allow this creditability to exist so long as it supports their ideology, they move in only one direction and force all to accept the same or refuse their rights.
Saudis and friends are backing the movements in the Ukraine as they have throughout the Middle East, but only if they get others to comment to their agenda. And as they have shown in their own nation that agenda is to remove the rights of the majority, placing bias on gender and religion to assure their personal desires are the only desires accepted. Control through politics can only extend so far, economic control can enhance this range but it still needs the acceptance of others and the public to look away. We are seeing the global population taking a stand more and more, it has not looked away. In fact it has decided time for a change based on the majority’s needs and not the monetary controls.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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