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Economics: Ukraine, flashpoint in a rising tide

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The current economic situation in the Eastern European nations is the result of one based on long term corruption and governmental abuse. But this is not new, it has been happening this way for years; as such the local populations are use to mistreatment. They would be surprised if the governments actually did work for the public, which in this crisis they are not. Instead those same forces involved in this matter are moving under the guise of others offering financial support. Thus like Hitler once did, they are being offered finances which are believed to keep them under control. But it did not keep Hitler under control, nor is Russia very willing to let things get out of hand this close to its territory.
Corruption in the Eastern European nations has existed well into the past, this brought about by the shear geological nature of the location. To enter Europe by the eastern landscape, past armies had to come from by way of Turkey or Russia. Once again both of these points are under economic constraints, and rebellious activity has pointed out corruption existing, with mass violence enlisted upon the public. But before any of this even started, there is one more point needed, for to bring about such there must also be the financial advantages to using violence. And infrastructure to support, even to legally accept this violence is incorporated to assure those offering to increase violence are granted relief from prosecutions.
The majority populations in this region of the world have not seen much from their governments except more corruption. New corruption has replaced the old so much it is no longer about who is corrupt, but about who is capable of being worse, thus gaining the attention of those in power. Attention gained by political protest is not enough anymore, instead there has been a call for violence, this to gain the world’s attention to matters which otherwise would not be seen. And the reason for such violence is easy to explain, for such violence exists already to gain such attention. A competition existing for who can be the most violent, but also avoid prosecution requires both political and financial supports which are in support.
The Ukraine fascists are said to be attempting control over the region, but they do not have the political majority nor funds to offer such controls. The Ukraine military already knows this and is not willing to die for a cause which is not in the nation’s interests, but will side with the population’s majority instead. The fascist were hoping to act as Hitler did, taking control of governmental finances by outside support, then run the nation as they choose and in time remove the outside support. Thereby resume the fascist agenda they planned for so long, and with “the Maiden” as a central figure in this movement, it is clear where outside support comes from. The oil companies in this region were one of the most corrupt industries in the world, now others are offering more corruption and it will continue.
To start any political crisis, one needs to gain funding and it is in following the money we see well who is truly behind the scenes. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal stated last year, the Saudi government was throwing money around, therefore the backers in the Middle East political agendas. This combined with the need to move oil cheaper into Europe for marketing purposes has brought out the suggestion of a pipeline running from the oil fields in through Europe. But it would also mean cutting off the competition’s ability to deliver, and Russia is a major competitor in that region. As the Muslim Tatars already do not trust the local governments, it would not take a lot to convince them to accept Saudi support and close off the borders.
The fascist’s agenda of anti-Semitism would also be supported, as the seen by the Saudi’s long support of aggressive actions against the nation of Israel and the global Jewish population. Fascism bigotry has never been any individual’s concept, for we are not born this way, we are all born the same. This is a concept which one mind came up with, and others have taught over the many years. It only gains as those with financial means offer economic support to increase the violence levels. And it is through this increase in violence the financial support wishes to gain, not only a return on finances offered but an interest both in funds and political power.
Funding Hitler, the bankers thought they could keep him under control, so the banks were in part responsible for what he did. Yet those same have held for many years they did not know, when they themselves were suppose to be in control. And what will be the excuse this time, or will any of the Saudis take responsibility for the actions they have done, to increase violence and death? Once more remember, political controls allow no prosecution upon those who finance, just so long as they retain the financial controls. But once financial controls are gone, anything is possible and as karma has a way of coming around so do your crimes return.