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Economics: The EU’s disheartened future and current problems

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Leaders in Europe are worried about the Ukraine, but they have more problems to be concerned with than just one. Keeping a union together also means keeping membership in line with those policies already established. The international policies they sponsor and yet have allowed to fail are causing more problems for all, as reflected back by immigration increased stresses. What happens in the future can not be based on the self-interest imposed by the more powerful; too many times this has not given a better result. It must be considered that integration of both diminishing and developing powers are to be stressed. Together people move forward and global economics shows we how tied we are, yet when only for those in power to gain legitimate grievances economics fails us all.
Worries over the Ukraine were caused by the EU desires to include others, but as the situation has grown, those desires have fallen. And even keeping those already as members in line is getting harder, as they seek their own futures outside of centralized controls. A divided Europe comes by the self-interest each nation has, it does not impose peace and results in less economics focused on developments. Economics theories either allow peace or assures as failures continue conflict raises stress levels. As global trade has integrated the world together, any disruptions in the international order ripple to all, and there will always be ripples until a lasting equality is achieved.
A union is only as strong as the weakest link, so long as all parties are willing to accept the standards the EU has set it will stand as one. But the problem is, many nations only accepted them in words to gain the favor of others, and once put to the test they fail to support those standards. If the elitist are suppose to assure peace, then for the past 10,000 years they have failed miserable. There is little to nothing shown for their actions, now the competitive levels are at an all time high and increasing. International policies are not just about words to be spoken about, they require there actions put behind them.
Obama is learning this to be the case, stating many times he wants policies to be set with the results less than optimal to leave a vacuum for others to fill. The EU rose to power under the protections of NATO, yet it has attempted to weld that power as if it owned it. And now with the ‘power vacuum’ resulting, it has shown there is little direct authority under its control. Manipulating the lower-level social ranks has been a characteristic for the EU leaders, but taking directed action themselves was not part of their plan. The selfish imposed ideology has not resulted in better means, only more threats to the modern global society.
If we are to learn from our mistakes, than the many mistake the EU has had over the years should have developed an increased learning curve by now. Yet the actions they are taking do not indicate they have learned much, instead they are following the same old program which has always resulted in more violence. And if the memberships are not complete focused on keeping the EU solid, it will spell disaster for many more. The more the EU’s ideas have been promoted, the more people are expecting protections under them and we will see if they are protected. Integration of all member nations requires understanding what the ripples running throughout this world are making changes, which the entire EU must account for.
All is in a constant state of change this is called progress, for as we see others more under ligament standing equal to our own, we must allow them to develop. But with resources limited, this also means we must allow equal access to resources for independence. And with independence comes the concerns from those nations, once developed by diminishing other, their interest being curbed now. The question is whether those once having used force and corruption to gain all, are now willing to allow peaceful developments for others? It is by a collective movement any social order moves forward, under global economics this requires all nations to be willing to work for the same. And the world is watching to see if violence or collective order rules the EU.
But under legitimate means grievances are settled by peaceful interactions and the old power order focused on violence have yet to ‘walk off the stage.’ There is no real vacuum, it is always filled with those willing to do the work and take the actions needed to secure the needed resources. What concerns those wrapped up in their own little world is not the changes which have already occurred, but only the single frame their minds have over being the only ones in charge. The power vacuum is being filled, by those who see the future being built beyond the established power brokers, thus as one diminishes another moves forward. This will continue until all stand as equals and than we have a great thing happen for all to see, a truly peaceful order based on legitimacy.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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