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Economics: Taxes divided by rich and poor

The divisions between rich and poor increase as taxes upon the poor majority and not on the majority of funds continue. Thus capital increases only, while incomes shrink, with results in political agendas noted.
The divisions between rich and poor increase as taxes upon the poor majority and not on the majority of funds continue. Thus capital increases only, while incomes shrink, with results in political agendas noted.

Society is intricately bound with the economic structure it has, both created to enhance what we call civilization. But this also means that social actions have effects upon the economic structures, one of them in particular is the political organizations we build. Today we are seeing the few around the world collecting political power as authority figures rely on them while they tax the poor to pay for it all. Creation of wealth for any nation exist as the entire nation builds, not by the few who take and global wealth only exist by the same measure. Allowing the majority of funds to continue without restrictions will only result in a major financial collapse on a global scale. Those with the most to lose are already feeling this, but are refusing to accept their failures, resulting in more of the same ideology.
Society binds us all, as we accept its authority in some matters over our lives we then hold fast to that society giving it the authority to operate. For many years there has come calls to withdraw some authority from those abusing their positions, this in part resulted in the Arab Spring and European riots of the previous years. More recently, there were those standing ground against what they saw as a government overrun with corruption stepping out of line. A determined effort across the global to force governments back, considering authority by the public first not by the monetary funds to control politics is still in the upswing. Privileges gained by monetary funds do not directly indicate one is superior in anything or to another individual, except how the financial system prefers one over the majority.
The concept of stress bringing out the better result has no bases in reality, as seen during the “Dark Ages”, the majority was stressed and yet it took political changes to allow them to make gains. Today China is stating the same as it understands more of the past, to reorganize how current political structure works, thus to prepare for more advances on the global field. Economic exchanges occur as people understand them and have confidence they will gain from such, but if the political operations are confined to actions of bigotry against them, where is the confidence? And those wanting to see themselves as superior, are also the same who amass large monetary sums to state they are successful. Madoff and Enron were both held to the highest esteem only because of this thinking, yet even proven to be wrong their thoughts are still what guild authorities today and has allowed forgiveness only to the same.
Thus as the markets fell, so did the capital investments which determined for many their worth, and the authorities are still wanting the public to pay for these failures. Those same, who caused such given protections, have since been moved to every higher authority positions and now restate the same old ideology. Political candidates attempting to reestablish themselves are finding the majority is not listening to the old ideology which lacks the realistic views needed. Thus we see them attempting to create more problems on the global stage, as both the ideology leadership is flawed and their personal views are directed to cause harm. They forget the very basics of any created wealth, it requires creation done with a constant flow, for one to have wealth we all must have wealth.
A nation is not built by one individual, it is allowed by the many authorizing creation of such to be built or even who hold the political agenda in check. The competitive aspect of resisting total dictatorship constructs a government by allowance to power for political operations, while holding it in check as well. This forces political decisions to be made which remind those in authority they must be accountable to their actions, not leave such actions to cause further damage to others. And around the world, the ripples caused by one failed political agenda after another are still very much in play, while the failures are ignored by those pushing for their personal desires every more. This is why the majority of the world funds do not contribute to ending poverty; those same funds built the poverty and so long as it controls the political ideology will not change.
Monetary funds should not be restricted by the political ideology that some are better than others, for if we are all created equal than inequality exist only because monetary funds are given to some and not others. Building monetary funds by the amount of capital one has access to and not the proper investments means leaves only the birthrights to decide who has funds, the same conditions of the “Dark Ages.” We developed economic resources because we moved past that line of thinking, to allow the majority access to educational means, thus to provide stimulation away from a single line of thought. This interaction in society gave the long-term results we needed to develop the world over and can still change the world today. For short-term results we need to tax those who have the largest funds, regardless of their personal positions they believe they should have in society.
Holding the public accountable for events that occurred outside of their control is not only illegal but economically unsound and around the world, is starting to be seen as political suicide. What is more concerning is the lack of educational means to avert further disasters, for without a long-term outlook these events will continue, never expecting to end. The global political situation must learn (and it seems to only way such bigots will learn is by the force necessary to get through their thick brains) people authorize governments not money. The creditability to maintain a stable society relies on those in authority understanding this key concept, and allowing the civilized majority to keep a peaceful means to resolve their differences, not a monetary means to buy off governmental power.

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