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Economics: Reconstructed futures, needs for new economic understanding

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Cognitive dissonance holds our core believes as the strong point in our lives, but if they are wrong then so are the lives we have built by them. Motivation comes from many sources, one of the strongest is fear and finding your entire life has been set upon the wrong path will cause a great fear. Current economic theories stating stress causes changes, forget so easily those in power do not want changes. They want to be able to take what others have, but do not want an equality returned. This is what creates stress to place one against another, to allow lesser intelligence to become standardized. This has been the methods used by many of the world’s dictators, putting one part of society against another to allow themselves control. But once we are free of this, we can realize what they have been telling us is wrong. We are only still bound to follow their path as long as it is considered the only path; we can use other values to find a better path.
We follow what has been taught to use so much, as the cornerstones to our lives. This is what offers us the creditability and means to provide to others a service, product or benefit which they can understand. But it was not always that way, once we had to learn first and have since made many corrections along the way. What we believe is science today, comes tomorrow to be nothing and the lives built upon such are suddenly wasted. The motivation seen as correct is the same when children are answering questions to become much stronger as we mature in society.
Our motivations form this core as well as all the information we gather in life, the desire for social acceptance starts at a very early age. Watching children answering questions in class, we can tell this. Even if they do not have an answer they want to answer because it offers a social acceptance. This places them among those who are considered better in society, but only by the same standards as those already seen in society. If we allow for self promotions to be the only means to be accepted, we leave out the intelligence which offers real information. It is often said: the wise do not make noise but instead allow all to speak first, then knowing wisdom speak what we should hear.
The concept of stress causing changes only works if these changes are allowed, but as less intelligence is used there becomes more fear of change. The people always want more, but only with intelligence can we move forward, and creating a system of corruption leads away from intelligence towards violence. The local micro-powers around the world are being seen to be just as important as all others. This because we are realizing, it by studying what happens at the ‘edge’ that we progress, not by concentrating around the core. Extremism as seen through violence does not have to happen, it is always a choice we can decide to limit and even remove violence if we so choose.
As economics is a political argument, it stands to reason the current economic theories are no better than those political offices which support them. Thus as we take services out of markets, we apply less political controls over them, to result in monetary gains which are not under the social controls. The gains do not stop, they are still there but only for those the political offices allow access to these markets. And this is very important to remember, for one of the major means to silence political oppositions is to deny them access to support, free speech and economic means. The bases for governments around the world have come under increasing strains, as politics lack the intelligence to adapt to stress imposed upon the public thus attempt to restrain the public even more.
Acting to place one part of any social order against another is failure waiting to happen. For as one part of society is attacked by another of the same society, social disorder exist with less resources created to support the entire economic spectrum. New York is facing nearly 1 million utility shut-off’s this year, with Detroit already showing what happens as cities fail and end in bankruptcy. But if those who in all social classes were to held to the same exposures of risks and loss, we would see there would be little need for such bankruptcy. But it is the friendly politics which has offered to let them rise, and keeps them there, not the ideas or Star Principle which they say work.
Freeing ourselves from these false believes, many have come to realize which politics are wrong, they base this on the core values they have not the core teachings of others. There are differences, ones many have forgotten, for it is the human spirit which overcomes adversity not the politics. What has been taught was thought up in political institutions formed to maintain and keep those with large monetary funds in power. But even leave this pattern of thought, we must still realize we are responsible for our actions, and must determine how we will act.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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