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Economics: Open letter to the current pope

Pope Francis sees the need for many to be represented by the few, does not guarantee the few will be honest or act with wisdom. If the lion comes, there is a question who will fight for the innocent or will sacrifice the innocent for personal desires?

Pope Francis has requested a new economic theory, based not on a few gaining but all to gaining. It is not economics which is wrong, but those who attempt to act without wisdom involved. Economics began with two questions, still in need of answering today, as each individual must answer both in every economic action. How we answer is what forms the bases of our relationships towards others, a social activity designed to offer ownership for use but without harm to others. If you intend to save others, then both the individual and the group must own every resource together. There comes a point where the idea of monetary funds does not reach, something else extends beyond this point.
But to those who spread false economic theories, they perceive the public as less than equal, as gods among us they decide and the public must follow. This leads to the immolation of children serving their blood lust and greed, as the private promotions of a few become demands. This will continue as long as monetary funds are the only provided means to promote or renounce actions. Infrastructure is built as we want it for the reasoning we choose, these self anointed gods are building only on violence and corruption. This removes the conscious mind from being responsible for actions, which public authority has been given to assure the success for the better result.
Yet monetary funds do not assure the better result, only communicates information, someone seeking finds what they are looking for. Therefore to change economics, as we do with any science, one must change the way one thinks and how one teaches others to think. Seeking information which we predetermine to use in one direction, has lead to economic theory seeking monetary funds. But this was not the start of economics; instead it started nearly 20,000 years ago to save us all. A gift when we needed it most, we can not even state who it was which started this process, yet the same rules apply as they always have.
In the beginning we needed to know if another was friend or foe, this is one question which still needs to be answered every day. But we must answer the other as well, are we willing to offer aid to another we call friend, even to our foes? Monetary funds came naturally some time later, as we needed to understand how things were going, who needed the most help and where we could find the ways to offer such help. It is ill-logical to even think money was the bases of economics, as money did not exist when economics started. Human social development was formed around the means to communicate in an accepted cultural manner; this includes the ownership and use for tools.
Our relationship with others is in part around what we own, and the means to secure our ownership to such. Tools are anything of which we can make use, these provide for us the means to survive and thrive in our reality. They are only useful if we are able to use them, thus we needed to secure the ownership, economics states all things are equally owned, so we needed to gain private ownership. This was at a time when reality was showing it had the ability to force us into submission; the entire human race faced death unless we used wisdom to survive. But as individuals, survival meant we had to allow each individual the same means, and they offered such back to the collective.
The intentions of saving us all, forced ownership to be accepted, as both a protection and right in an acceptable cultural standard. It has always been the ownership for use which economics stresses the most. Those wanting power and having selfish designs, have falsely stated monetary funds are at the heart of economics. This to increase their own self promotions, but reality does not change only the means for us to understand it. If we want to understand, we must change the way we think, then the rest of our world and universe changes with us.
But it is only monetary funds which are heard, because people have put faith in this self promotion, something they can control, rather than the faith in others which they cannot control. The political processes infer the will of man, but when this goes against the will of God, only one is successful. And we are seeing the reality brought about by truth forcing this change; man’s reality must change as our thinking adjusts to reality. So Pope Francis, there is a better economic theory, it has been around for over 20,000 years and still the only one which lasts, reality is showing it we only need to understand it.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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