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Economics: Health care transparency, hospital finances and privacy

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The Affordable Health Care (AHC) act was supposed to cut insurance cost and red-tape for those who had no other means. Even at the start we have seen how the private companies are removing the safeties and means for the public to gain from political actions. Now enters the problems from Detroit once more, the city’s bankruptcy situation, created by the corporations is once more shown to be controlled by the same. The public is losing the right to even protest against these measures, as those gaining appointments and commissions decide matters by circumventing the legal processes. Those deciding can not even state who makes decision, only that they were well paid to find ways to violate the laws, and they have no wishes to stop. As the connections between funds and tyranny become closer, we see the true natures of those in such position; they only wait an excuse to kill what is seen as less than equal.
Cutting insurance cost was meant to help those in need, but done by a centralized government, it only allowed for more corruption. UNITE HERE has already seen this happening with Sodexo reclassifying workers, but it has not stopped privatization has continued and is now being seen in Detroit’s Water and Sewage Department. Corporations have been able to drain away public funds for some time, and not just in this nation but across the world. Once more they are attacking the water and health rights which every individual needs, yet they are not held accountable. Together the corporations form special conditions; those within these conditions are kept protected while the public is made to pay at an every increasing rate.
Health care increases with every look at Interactive Air-Pollution maps, but this is also caused by the same corporations which are acting without reasoning and outside legal standards. Cheryl Campbell knew the Obama site was not compliant, but not knowing who made the decision was not important. The decision was simply made by an anonymous voice, thus she can pretend to be covered so long as she got paid. How many times do we hear this as an excuse, no different than that expressed by the Nazis at the end of WWII; “I was only obeying orders.” Yet it has become the attitude in the corporate offices, as they pretend to offer an excuse to each other while hunting the poor to extinction.
Detroit’s problems started long ago, but it is not the only city which will fall so long as these same executives continue this ‘better than you’ attitude. The economic theories stating those making more funds deserve more resources, were created by this mindset to offer justifications to such actions. But in reality we all own everything equally, nor are we allowed to sell the individual's basics living needs away. The only reason this mindset stands is by the minds which see they can profit, all they have to do if forget the rights others have. Once more we see them ignoring the laws and the bases of civilization for a personal profit in short-term gains.
We need to see greater transparency in hospital finances is needed, but not directly related to doctors, but those in executive positions. As already related by the VA scam to bulk the veterans of health benefits, it is those who operate the system who create the means to corrupt it as well. They determine from the beginning if such corruption is allowed, their minds set to keep them gaining while others suffer only shows the attitude possessed. But one does not simply create a bigot, one must have an educational system which accepts it and mandates it into structure to be learned. Thus comes a push to increase privatizing the educational system, which even here in Oklahoma we have to face off against.
The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 was meant to help veterans after war to recover the lives they put aside, and now Obamacare was meant to offer the similar means to the majority. But opening the door to privatization, where there no moral standard or desires to be legal exist, simply lets more corruption live. The public, not just in one nation but across the world, has seen what happens as privatization enters government, the only certain it offers is more violence and death. Why would those with reasoning and understanding accept such, unless they were taught this mandate by those already corrupted and selling out? The need to stop this comes every day but just as it does, so many people look the other way, afraid to get involved as it might come to affect their own families.
The reality is: it has already affected your lives, those with such corrupted minds do not want you to see it happening, but you do not have to look far to see it happening. Removing decisions “to some amorphous cloud” does not prevent responsibility; it is only an attempt to prevent blaming yourselves for the results. Funds being need to support political, legal and other matters to make changes may not be made available to the majority, but they can take back what is theirs and will. Those making these decisions will gain no protections then, and such vain attempts to blame others will result in no changes to their punishments either. They were trained by the best education to be the best, not to mandate the failures which we have already seen.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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