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Economics: Food watch, fact or not

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Remembering last year, one can recall the UN regard for eating bugs and worms as major source of food for many. Well McDonalds seems to accept it, they have been using worm fillers in their products for years, only didn’t want people to know it. Global droughts continue there will have to be more changes to our sources of food; the major producers simple cannot keep going. As distasteful as it may be, we all need to consider the larger a population gets (and the larger in size individual are), changes in food sources must occur. A balance meal is needed for proper development but this is not just for individuals, it is also for the national and political situation to consider as well. Global food sources change as our population grows, but as individuals have a say in what they eat, they can direct changes as they want to see them.
The global food sources under control of major operators are now facing a loss in food sources, as the drought conditions have hit those regions where the world produces most. This impact will reach outward to more second and third economic events than ever before, and not just in the local regions. As McDonalds is already using worm fillers to decrease cost, when the beef prices raise so will their use of fillers. But will they admit to the public they are cutting cost and how…no the political reactions they fear would be too terrible for the executive’s little minds. Instead they simply hide the facts from the public, as most of the food industry has learned to do with products and ingredients they do not want others to know are used.
Remember the GMO bill California had…how it was to show the public what was in their food? The industry wants the public to believe it does not put harmful things in food, yet if this was the case the desire to hide product ingredients would not be such a big deal. Wal-marts recent attempts to make changes with organic foods are in part to get away from the falsehoods they know are going on. The corporate executives, who know what the public does not, are protecting themselves with this information but leaving the public unprotected. It is the lack of creditable information the public is being granted which must be addressed most of all.
To believe any mass production system in one part of the world can sustain the entire world is foolish. As seen by the recent storms across the world, the changing weather will drive up both food prices and the resources needed to create these supplies. Modern production systems relying on only just enough supplies to keep a steady flow going thus reducing cost, will not operate if those supplies are suddenly ended. And failure by any nation to allow a secure local food economy, assures their public will find shortages hitting them hard. As the food prices rise in one region, major producers will only sell there, this to assure they get the highest prices not the best results delivered to the public. Thus the rest of the world will lose it food reserves fast and more political disruptions will occur.
Cities will find it the hardest, their needs do not comply very well with the basic needs to grow or produce food, shipments from every increasing distance have to be made. But these shipments will require transportation and those cost will increase as well as the cost of fuel increases. Large shipments reduce the means to offer individualized delivery; only major points can be created to obtain deliveries. And this allows those same who want to control all things, to control through the distribution of such food, thus directing more actions upon others. Yet independent nations must require they retain independency to the creation and distributions of food to keep their nations stable and free.
Political actions are in regard to the mind-set of one political operation towards another, whether it is within the same nation or outside the political borders. These political borders only exist as far as the political operation can direct attention and control over what is done. Once such direction is no longer accepted, that political operation is lost, even if it were to kill off all in opposition it could not regain the lost authority. As the global conditions change, there will be losses in authority by people who see the opportunities to take what others have. They have not created on their own, nor stored for what is to come but instead want to take as it is more convenient and considered easier.
Individuals directing what they eat remain free to make the choices they need to fulfill their lives. But centralization of control is only beneficial to the political schemes others have, and takes away the individuals means to survival in the long-run. Sustainable farming can only be done when we can also reduce or recycle the waste products which are also being produced, this the environment can only do in small amounts. Unless we are willing to and able to reduce such by technology we can not reduce the effects and long-term sustainability is reduced both for those dependant on and producing the food.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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