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Economics: Economic developments relationship to Christmas

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We see the crowds, and this year we are reminded how desperation makes people act with violence, yet this is not what our religions is for. The truth is far from those who do not seek it, yet we need only to reach out to find truth, and those wanting to learn have presented it to over the years. Seeing the crowds we forget the past, as well as teaching from religious centers, letting the will of others direct our lives. The problems we are facing have been faced already, understanding this we have built up a long chain of collected knowledge to us. But as individuals we still need to have the will to access and gain this information, otherwise we do not succeed. And success can not be counted by the means others dictate to us, it can only be determined by the standards we hold to.
The greed some people show leads them to take advantage of other people, and religious concepts are no exception to them. Desiring to be religious, we gain a social acceptance and forget the expense involved, as caution is removed from our thoughts. Big money easily makes out as the majority does not take caution in it thoughts, thus to follow only their thoughts of greed. Those seeking knowledge and truth have found much more, yet this is not promoted and infrastructure is not built on the truth. Those few who seek only to be greedy, believe this to be the only path to call success, yet if it was we would have accepted difference standards over time.
We once faced a great disaster, where it was the Great Flood or the Ice Ball Earth; it does not matter towards economics. What matters is how we reacted, the human race had a choice to make, we could kill others to take the resources they had for ourselves. Or allow cooperation, working with others to assure everyone’s survival. As human race survived, we have seen these two concepts still dominating the structure of our lives, and used to direct us. Success in our daily lives to be counted by the standards as individuals have, but often forgotten as others dictate to use what those standards should be.
As this disaster progressed there were those who ran from it, and those who were outside of its effects. Both had to decide if the other was enemy or friend, this not by the standards the other had, but by the individual him or herself. Economics started as we traded with each other, even in war we trade the lives of warriors for the problems politicians fail to resolve. Yet it is these same problems which the political situation most often causes, only they send others to pay for their sins. “Bean Counters” cut what they saw we do not need, if it was ever seen we do not need politicians, they too could find themselves cut off from support.
We have faced all the same problems within each generation, there are only limited amount of problems, a resource like any other which politicians have drawn on. Thus we have also been using trial and error to define the best means to solve a problem, as any political situation occurs we look to this collected knowledge to offer the best results. Yet we still find we must make a choice between seeing others as friend or foe, of cooperation versus violence. And those seeking to greed do not want to wait, they insist on being the ones to have the most and to have it now. This promotes the worst situations resolved too quickly to allow cooperation to effective work, thus desperation sets in as others see their existence endangered.
Accessing information requires we have a willingness to do so, a desire to find the best results and not just serve our personal needs for the moment. Political actions are directed by personal interest, but they have become only by the most powerful, this seen by the amount of money provided. This allowance for money to do as it choices is only accepted if there is social acceptance of such. But if we remember those other cultures which supported us long ago, we have to ask: did they expect money in return for the salvation they once showed us? Money was not even invented at that time; it was something humans came up with long after the economics was present.
Our personal success can not then be counted in money, nor by what others say, it is only to be determined by the standards we have accepted. Asking ourselves if we over time if we keep to the standards we say, to what we have faith in and believe should be on our minds this time of year. If you let someone on Wall Street or anywhere else so far away tell you what to believe, where are your standards but at their command? Christmas should be the time we reflect over our actions the past year, to see if what we did was the best we could or if we still need to work on improving ourselves.
Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance:



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