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Economics: Corporate ideologies and reality are fighting it out

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The US middle class has shrunk in both size and income, because the policies of those making corporate decisions based on ideology which does not pass reality’s test. Niall Ferguson certainly wants to discuss the need for governments (and corporations would learn a lot from this) to talk more clearly to the public. But as the Koch brothers have shown by offering to the Hispanics of the US society more contacts, these self called elitist will do so only under their controls. The same which they do not reason is wrong, but again are only thinking what they want to think, seeing what they want to see. Ideology is more important to them than reality; because they have put so much into ideology they have not gained creditability at all. Again and again the public has been told to think outside the box, yet the self-elitist refuse to consider there is an outside to their ideology.
The shrinking middle class happened as funds meant to allow a growing economy shifted, and in this case shifted towards only a few self-conceived elitists. The total national wealth has not changed, only been divided differently than is should be, this happening over time has been rarely noticed. As noticing requires being given correct and creditable information to proceed with, it is the information sources which are the first infrastructures society must have to build a future. The concept of construction making a society or economy function only states the need for secondary and even third place conditions. These conditions are important to the elitist as have set the standards for benefits to the elite not the public.
Here in Stillwater we recently took a vote on building a new stadium for the high school, Boone Pickens was behind making it happen and he lost. But now there is a raffle going-on to help build the stadium once more. One has to wonder if Pickens is not feeling the crunch for funds, or is he just deceiving the public as he always seems to do? The reasoning behind fracking for oil and natural gas has hit home in New York, but here in Oklahoma, governmental offices are still not listening and the public is paying for it. The corporational elitist thinking they are in control did not listen to the reality happening around them. Personal ideologies were came home to New York, where voters knew the truth and they took actions, but they were still willing to deceive others. Corporate operations in others states were enforce on others, no different than operating in foreign nations while domestic protections were granted.
Thus they need the political controls in the domestic states and nations which are offering those protections, the same controls which are forcing the public into states of survival. And as the public sees what has happened, the reactions are not ones these elitist can easy control anymore, their funds are then endangered. They offer preconceived polls to show support, but these are only vain attempts to reclaim the public who is learning the truth. And with more people learning every day, the more endangered the corporations become. The problem with their ideology is it was never based on reality, it was only based on them, their desires and the vanity they displayed.
Reasoning takes initiative, one must be willing to put aside any biases or obstacles to the facts which are collected and put together the real picture of what is going on. The ability to put aside ideology and look without biases does not exist in a culture where only one path is accepted for success. The elitist like the Koch brothers and Pickens think they are a success, but they have failed to do anything successful, only take from those who have. Now with the world making changes they can not control, they are feeling the reality of their situation. A few years ago they were trying to bring in over-seas funds, just as Arab Spring began; failing this their need of more public support grows as they attempt to regain political control and fast.
Blind faith to ideology does not include the wisdom to see reality as it comes upon our days. Over time putting so much into only the ideology, these same corporations have failed to produce any creditability. And across the world, if those in authority of government or corporations fail to have creditability they fail to stay in control. Reality demands one have creditability, and this includes the responsibility for actions, responsibility at the highest levels. But the elitist, having produced a self-protection social order, which has failed to produce responsibility in their conduct and the world is responding.
To think for yourself, has never been any corporate standard; instead following the same path others have is what built the corporate ideology into the modern concept. Today this ideology is not enough, it has failed too many times to withstand the coming ages and higher competition levels. With the past winter, the near future economics will show more failures in these corporate ideologies, with increased needs for funds accompanying them. But such will not put pressure on the public, as much as it will upon those who have little to no financial support.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance: