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Economics: Bond stimulation, returning to AAA status

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The frustration seen for years coming from the US Fed is only getting worse, as the same has not resulted in activities the public needs. Business leaders are said to be in support of these actions, but only if the sustainability is directed at keeping infrastructure they control intact. The economy is not one which can be controlled by any central authority; it has to be allowed to operate by individual freedoms. The policies involved with increasing the inflation rate will only help those who are taking those freedoms away, not help to restore them. Risking our economic development for only a few to make use of will not return benefits to the majority, thus the majority have no need to give credit where it is not due. Wall Street acts as a thief but does not return with credit in the actions the public does, it builds then only on further corruption and violence.
The Feds policies in the past have been developed and based on the needs of a few on Wall Street looking to craft more of what they have already built. The problem is, what Wall Street has built is a system so corrupt not only do they have to feed off of each other, but apparently off themselves. Any infrastructure can be created, even one where information and results are based on less than acceptable standards. This is what has happened, building only on the concept of increasing corruption there is no real infrastructure on Wall Street not corrupted. And if that becomes the only measure of success, what does it say to the majority that success is only achieved by the corruption which is not supposed to exist at all.
Thus it is no surprise business leaders support more of the same infrastructure being developed by the Fed, as they control these structures already. But if the Fed was intent to reduce influence corruption has, it must first understand those structures built on corruption can not be used to base further actions on. The minds which created this mess are not the same who will understand how to reduce this corruption. Sustainable business practices do exist and will support the majority’s freedoms, but governmental authority has to be used to offer support to them. Policies seen from Washington are only supporting more of the same centralization which Wall Street has used to get us in this mess.
As individuals gain freedoms they also gain the benefits of their actions, thus provide benefit to others to continue economic exchanges. But as seen by the Arab Spring movement, those with the larger funds these days are not allowing individuals to gain freedom. Instead funds are searching for any “other than the devil you know.” Regardless of who or the consequences involved, so long as such follows what the funding says to do, a slave on a leash by any other name. These are the policies of those who are involved in making inflation rates increase.
The US needs to return bonds to a higher exchange rate will only happen as the freedoms to the majority returned. As Wall Street has taken such, it must be made to return them; concentration of any resource in one part of the economic spectrum will not allow exchanges to freely occur. Thus freedom and economic benefits are intertwined, to keep the economy stable and long-term the majority freedoms must be as well. Determining all things must apply only to a section of the public, Wall Street has cut off the majority from the ability of free exchanges. Monetary gains can not occur if exchanges are not allowed to occur, economic risk can not be shifted to others, and it revolves around to all.
Banks take about credit in financial funds, but it is more as well, as credit also is earned by the previous actions one has taken. Wall Street’s previous actions have shown it only intends to corrupt what ever it touches, and the Fed has continued to allow such. Thus the world does not give US bonds any credit as those with authority have not credit upon the world stage anymore. Yet if the majority were free to act, they would show the true credit for developing a nation lies in the public majority. As any public gains such free actions, they show the true nature represented by that majority, thus infrastructure built around it develops.
Wall Street’s infrastructure is know the world over, it has no further credit to offer, attempts to rap up in the Washington political scene will not cover up that it is the same old game. Economic progress will only happen as the majority is allowed once more to have the means to benefit from their actions. As this is seen, people will also see there are new leaders forming abilities to be capable of building away from the corrupted influences. It is by leaving these influences the US bond market can regain it status and maintain it in the eyes of the world markets.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance:



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