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Economics: Big money, world decision on how much is enough

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The wealth gap does not just exist in the US, it exist across the world, in every corner but with few who understand why. Money as a resource created to make communications available to all, not a means to corner markets. And that is what greed is, a decisive cornering of markets, thus taking ownership without regard to the needs others have. The global society is moving towards a direction of deciding how much wealth is enough for individuals to have. This to assure those who are in the most need, are not simply left behind by another’s foolish concepts put into theory. Wall Street’s greedy practices have always had someone else paying for their gain, now global taxes may offer some relief.
Many around the world live in poverty, not because they want to or made this a choice. People live the way society allows them to live, and those at the top of the social ladders do not want to know how much it really cost to be socially elite. Learning to understand the world around us, we also come to understand, those in the social ladder do not allow equality easily, they consider themselves and not others in all decisions. Instead of offering help to those who are in need the most, they are willing to take away everything simply for personal greed. Complete and total ownership of all only follows selling the world and losing your soul in the bargain.
The need to provide communications, even in a primitive society has been seen throughout history, it is the difference between organizing for mutual protection and allowing destruction. Any society expecting to develop must also develop the means to communicate the actions involved in economic activities. This not to provide more wealth, but to indicate where the economic attention is going to and for what means it is directed there. Political operations are the bases of the majority’s means to direct those monetary funds under its control. But as greed becomes an addiction to a few, these same tout it as the real means economics was developed, and this is a lie.
Their attempts to corner monetary funds, is also dependant on others finding value in large monetary funds being used as a resource. Money is only valuable if others believe in it, thus they must have faith in the monetary funds one collects for these funds to be valuable. Normal economics states, what one has a large quantity of one does not find very valuable, only what is in short supply and needed has value. Thus presenting something which humans have produced as valuable, only works if the majority of people do not have access to large amounts of it. Yet economics also states the monetary funds can not be simple sitting still, for the system to work efficiently, this communication medium must be constantly moving.
Thus enters the global majority becoming alert to the need to have money available to all, and directing political concerns to deciding how much wealth is really too much. History records economic disasters happening, as a few gather the economic wealth of any nation to themselves. Today the wealthier nations have connections across the globe, if any one of them was to go, the economic ripples would cross the world many times. Those who have made such wealth in these nations did this with support through governmental connections. They took funds the public should have had access to, but instead private citizens moved those funds around to keep them private and under their ownership.
But economics was developed to offer each of use an equal means to survive; the original concept was never about monetary wealth. This concept of wealth came much later, nearly 2,000 years later, even then only created to offer better communications for long-distances. Monetary wealth is not acceptable as the main driving force in economics; the main motivation for economics is to serve the needs others have. But it is there to service your needs, not greed, but needs to survive, mutually improving the lives of all equally. It is only the few who have such addiction to monetary funds stating greed is needed; they who have used their communication connections to falsely state monetary funds are at the core of economics.
As more religious leaders, economist, and others begin to see where the idea of monetary funds originates, they also see more of the lies presented to maintain the poor in a state for servitude. But those presenting this state, do not offer services in return, instead they offer to take away monetary funds and wealth to assure themselves survival by the actions others have done. Earning the right to ownership is a key component to the security of any economic system, yet taking what does not belong to you is simply theft. Those who present a theory to back their actions have been seen before, yet their theories have never been proven true, nor do they allow them to be examined anymore. It is the inventor and enterprising individuals who are offering to create new ideas which benefit us all, not the greedy fools who offer to take resources away.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
CEO of Stone Rose LLC Profile on Elance:



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