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Economics a a driver for linux adoption

The Economy as a Driver for Linux Adoption…
This morning I just read a couple of news articles that I find very interesting and may be the development of a much longer trend.

Virgin America is using open source to trim costs and stay competitive

U.K. government could drop Microsoft for Linux

Say what you will but the main reason for the changes is economic. Companies and local governments are struggling to save money and no longer wish to pay the licensing fees.

Open source is becoming a viable alternative and more and more governments, business and schools are adopting the open source standard.

It’s not the flashy desktops, the 3d rotatable cubes or other eye candy. The bottom line is driving Linux to the corporate desktop and servers.

An argument can be made that even though the software is free, you need more expertise managing it and need to pay more for the expertise. This may be true, however, linux based servers have a much greater uptime which means a single admin can manage many more servers.

Is this a start of a more national trend?

Let me know what you think


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