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Economic Tips For March 2014

Here are another 10 Tips that will give you a better understanding as to how I view the world of economics.

Phil Mitsch Is America’s #1 Economic, Real Estate, Financial And Motivational Trainer.  He Is Also The Real Estate Industry's All Time Top Producing Residential Realtor.  @PhilMitsch
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Tip #1
If U.S. government and corporate leadership are going to encourage youth to pursue a college education and incur substantial debt, then they morally and ethically owe them an economy that will properly and adequately employ them.

Tip #2
U.S. government’s gross failure to properly oversee the lending, insurance, and investment industries between 1998 and 2004 was a major reason for the collapse of the economy.

Tip #3
U.S. government has a moral, ethical and legal obligation to properly oversee the free market system of capitalism to ensure that there is a level playing field between consumers and corporate America.

Tip #4
Social issues are very important but nothing is more important to a nation than the condition of its economy. In fact, the condition of a nation’s economy will significantly affect its social issues.

Tip #5
There are 6 fundamentals that the U.S. economy is founded on and their movement up or down creates either economic growth and prosperity or economic deterioration.

Tip #6
In theory, there is nothing wrong with the free market system of capitalism. What’s wrong with it, however, is that when corrupt and powerful government and corporate leadership commit irresponsible, immoral, unethical, excessively greedy and illegal activities that create massive economic deterioration and destroy millions of lives both financially and psychologically.

Tip #7
The 6 fundamentals the U.S. economy is founded on work in a chronological, domino, ripple effect order. If the first one increases, the other 5 will increase which results in economic growth and prosperity. However, if the first one decreases, the other 5 will decrease which results in economic deterioration.

Tip #8
The conceptual problem with the U.S. economy is that all 6 fundamentals it is founded on have been decreasing since the year 2005.

Tip #9
The conceptual solution for U.S. economic recovery is that government and corporate leadership must take the appropriate action to get the 6 fundamentals increasing again.

Tip #10
Many so-called economic experts, who predicted in 2007 that the U.S. economy would be back on track by 2009 now realize that they were very, very wrong.

Remember to look for my “Economic Tips For Apirl 2014” article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

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