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Economic Tips For June 2014

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Here are another 10 Secrets about how I view the world of economics and that you can significantly benefit from.

Secret #1
Despite rhetoric, hypocrisy and denials, Wall Street and very powerful U.S. politicians deliberately created the U.S. real estate market and overall economic financial crisis in order to make themselves filthy rich by implementing many irresponsible, immoral, unethical, excessively greedy and illegal activities.

Secret #2
America now has 2 economic systems functioning simultaneously, capitalism and socialism, which is creating massive financial problems for most Americans as well as massive economic deterioration.

Secret #3
Since 2005 most Americans have seen their incomes decrease, their expenses increase and their disposable income decrease. This negative domino sequence of events has caused, and will continue to cause, massive U.S. economic deterioration.

Secret #4
Warren Buffett says he is optimistic about the future of the U.S. real estate market and overall economy. Well, in order for Mr. Buffett to be correct then all 6 fundamentals that the U.S. economy is founded on must start to increase. And mathematically that’s not going to happen if irresponsible, immoral, unethical, excessively greedy and illegal government and corporate leadership activities continue.

Secret #5
The conceptual secret to get the U.S. real etate market and overall economy back on positive tracks is to get all 6 fundamentals that the U.S. economy is founded on increasing again. Mathematically this is only possible if new and revolutionary legislation is created and passed by U.S. congress that will result in 1) all levels of government functioning on the 3 principles of business, 2) a fair and honest distribution of income and 3) a fair and honest collection of taxes. Don’t hold your breath because none of the above will happen.

Secret #6
America has financially reached a point in time where the amount of “have nots” will continue to increase in record numbers. This is exactly why the U.S. economy will continue to deteriorate indefinitely.

Secret #7
Even if Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States in 2016, the U.S. economy will continue to deteriorate very badly because most Americans will continue to see their incomes decrease, their expenses increase and their disposable income decrease. This negative, domino, ripple effect sequence of events creates a “perfect storm formula” that will result in further and further U.S. economic deterioration.

Secret #8
If the U.S. economy is really improving, then lenders would not be willing to offer “refinancing” and “modification” services to millions and millions of property owners that are financially upside down. Upside down meaning they owe much more on their properties than what they are currently worth.

Secret #9
When a company’s expenses are greater than their income it’s called a “loss” in the real world. But when the U.S. government has expenses that are greater than income they simply print and borrow more money to cover the shortfall and then have the audacity to call it economic recovery and growth as they pour this money into the economy in order to artificially keep it going.

Secret #10
When governments irresponsibly, immorally, unethically and illegally borrow and print money in order to artificially keep their economies going they are forced to flip into Pinochio and Ponzi accounting practices which mathematically self-destruct at some point in time. It must be noted, however, that very powerful and corrupt government and corporate worldwide leadership has learned that they can actually make themselves much richer by deliberately destroying their economies in order to then be forced to print and borrow money to artificially keep them going.

Remember to look for my Economic Tips For July 2014 article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

Agents’ Note: Phil Mitsch is America’s leading economic recovery, real estate, lending and motivational coach. He is also the real estate industry’s all time, top producing residential Realtor. His 1) biography, 2) testimonials, 3) seminar topics, 4) books, 5) videos, 6) audios, 7) economic recovery tips, 8) real estate tips, 9) lending tips and 10) motivational tips can be found at For further information, contact Phil Mitsch Enterprises in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at 856-665-6569, on Twitter at @philmitsch, or by email to


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