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Economic Implosion: Now what?

If you would have listened to the "alarmists" or "paranoids" in 2008, right before the Great Resession began, and bought a few 1-ounce gold coins, you might have paid around $780.00 per.

Sweeping the pengő inflation banknotes after the introduction of the forint in August 1946: Hungary
Mizerák István

Today, you might trade 1,800 Federal Reserve notes for the same coin.

You could have bought a Troy ounce silver round for $13.47 in August 2008.

Now, you might sell it for 40 Federal Reserve notes.

Contrary to what sound money advocate Ron Paul recently goaded Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke to admit, that he believed (or rather, wants you to believe), gold is money. When he said "No" when Dr. Paul asked if he thought gold was money, Ben rewrote the whole human history of mediums of exchange to the idiots that might believe him, all the while with a smirk on his face.

Perhaps he knew that the NFL almost had a deal and no one would care in a few weeks.

But the point of this article is not to point out all the reasons why it seems as though the American "way of life" is over as we know it, but here's just a few points that indicate that "we" unfortunately have a bad case of "the tyranny":

  • The U.S. military is actively engaged in 6 supposedly "sovereign" countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen) and the "man on the street" still thinks Muslims are the violent ones.
  • QE1, QE2, and Ben's recent hint at a possible QE3 (devaluing the money in your bank account) and the "man on the street" still thinks that the paper in his wallet is valuable and that he owns it.
  • America's violent 40-year drug war continues, and the "man on the street" says "Well, we can't just let people do whatever they want".
  • Police chiefs are "firing" the duly-elected mayors of towns and the "man on the street" doesn't even think that it might be illegal.
  • Ignorance and immorality are now desired features for a prospective mate; the more of each, the better.
  • If you sell physical metal, you go to Federal Prison as a "terrorist" and the "man on the street" still thinks the Patriot Act is for al-Qaeda.
  • If you grow vegetables in your front yard or sell lemonade, you are a revolutionary. And the "man on the street", though in agreement, still thinks he can legitimately tell you when to water your grass.
  • The supposed "debt" owed is unpayable, even if every dollar in circulation was confiscated, it still wouldn't equal the amount of toxic debt "we" are signed on to fraudulently. But the "man on the street" still thinks politicians are just stupid benevolent rich guys, no way they would do this on purpose.
  • China, "our" biggest creditor, has aircraft carriers now.

The objective of this post is to simply allow me to sleep better tonight, so I'm not going to dwell on the mountains of negative news I could cite and probably should report on more.

At this point though it may be too late, I do want to attempt once again to warn my family, friends, and fellow travelers, that all signs point to complete collapse just around the corner. The last ball to drop would be OPEC announcing trading in another currency, or basket of currencies, destroying the dollar's hegemony of foreign countries holding American dollars in reserve. That ball will come in the form of hyperinflation (see photo) at home.

So, make fun. Point. Laugh.

Maybe little green aliens told me. Or I just probably believe everything I read.

But I bet there are more than a few people in the U.K. right now that are wishing they had taken steps to get prepared for societal bedlam.

This guy is getting prepared, and it really feels good. Are you?

Because if you think your government will be there to protect you if something goes wrong, you would be sadly mistaken. You have to take steps to defend yourself and those around you.

I've been asked more than a few times by close friends; 'What do I need to do to get prepared?'.

I normally respond that it is most likely too late to be absolutely prepared for the immediate and catastrophic danger of currency collapse and hyperinflation; only because you are way behind the bankers who have been preparing for years.

But since my friends asked, they are far ahead of most everyone else.

You can, however hastily, insulate yourself from some short-term risks by doing a few simple things:

  1. Buy and hold at least some physical gold or silver, the more the better
  2. Buy and hold a barter good (cigarettes, soda, etc.), the more the better
  3. Cultivate and solidify relationships with your neighbors
  4. Grow vegetables, the more the better, trade and gift to neighbors
  5. Buy and hold storable food and water (enough for at least 20 days)
  6. Prepare a bag of first-aid supplies, and enough provisions for 3 days, for immediate evacuation
  7. Have a gun for every pair of hands, plenty of ammo, and the will to defend above

But remember, you can't do these things effectively after a catastrophe. It takes foresight and a "best guess" scenario to not be completely caught with your pants down when TSHTF.

This is going to be one of those posts that may come back and bite me later in life.

But it's alright, I can sleep a little better tonight because I told you what I really thought.

And I should note that I am, personally, in no way compensated by any metal "dealers". (As-if selling metal should be reduced to "dealing", like it's a back-alley transaction or something. Why doesn't Shell "deal" gas? Why are guns and gold "dealt" like drugs while cigarettes, gas, and beer are "sold"?)

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