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Economic hardship

People are hurting; things do not get better for them, despite the artificially cheery lies fed to you by your wicked foes in mass media.

Making ends meet has become the most difficult in recent memory. Unheard of numbers of Americans are now considered impoverished.

Government spending and debts have taken a dreadful toll on everyday people by making everyday life suddenly unaffordable. You lose a chunk of every paycheck on the front end as you hand over money to those who did nothing to help you earn it. On the back end, taxes are added directly on many purchase transactions and added indirectly when built into prices, rates, and fee structures. Through it all, the value of your money is precipitously degraded by inflation.

Everyday life has been made artificially expensive. Just to cover their basic living expenses, people charge up their credit cards to stratospheric heights, piling on debt they’ll never be able to repay as they make only minimum payments just to maintain some semblance of financial solvency. If not that, they raid their savings, pushing retirement increasingly out of reach. For many, these crushing expenses are just too much; no way out presents itself.

Meanwhile, the pampered ruling class—people with titles like “Representative”, “Senator”, “Governor”, “President”, “Commissioner”, “Board Member”, “Councilman”, “Mayor”—continues to live high on your dime. The police and military forces that are supposed to exist to protect your rights from unjust aggression are instead reordered and retrained to protect and defend the ruling class and secure their position of societal dominance and hegemony. Frequently, these forces are turned inward to oppress and subjugate everyday people.

From their lofty positions, the ruling class does favors for their friends. Your money is showered by the truckload on their friends in the form of subsidies, bailouts, tax breaks, and a hundred thousand other perks, advantages, and help while turning around and screwing everybody else, often with the full support of even assistance of the main recipients of the aforementioned benefits.

And what are you doing about it? Search yourself. Are you enabling these destructive practices through your votes, compliance, or obedience? Could you even figure out if you were? Could you even figure out how to know if you were?

People often live their whole lives in chains without knowing they have the key. Find your key. Use it and escape!



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