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Ecofriendly moth repellent for green pest control

Keep moths at bay the green way.
Keep moths at bay the green way.
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Are you tired of chemically infused moth balls? Looking for ecofriendly moth repellent? Worried about toxic pest repellent and it's adverse health effects? Many people don't realize there are safe and inexpensive alternatives to chemical pest repellents such as moth balls. Why endanger your family and harm the environment unnecessarily? Try these safe and inexpensive green pest control solutions instead. You'll find ecofriendly moth repellent alternatives work just as well as moth balls.


Remember Grandma's prized cedar chest? Winter coats and other wool items were stored there to keep moths away. Granny was the original green pest control queen. Cedar chests are quite expensive these days. Luckily, you can purchase cedar blocks, chips and ready made sachets for your closets. These produce an aroma that's pleasant and welcome to humans, but deadly to moths. Look for these ecofriendly moth repellent alternatives in the laundry products section of your local department store.

Cinnamon sticks and pine cones

Cinnamon sticks are about the length of a pencil and a bit bigger around. They're often sold in packages at Christmas time as scented decor. They produce a lovely cinnamon smell reminiscent of the holidays. You can also find Cinnamon infused pine cones during the Christmas season. Scatter or hang either of these in your closet or dresser drawers as an ecofriendly moth repellent for green pest control. Your clothes will smell wonderful and remain moth free.

Cloves and peppercorns

Chances are, you have these ecofriendly moth repellent solutions on the spice shelf. Freshly ground peppercorns are all the rage. Cloves come in handy for that Christmas ham. You can also grind them yourself for a fresher flavor in baked goods. These two items combined make a very effective green pest control method. They keep away moths and other insects. Just make a sachet by tying them up in a bundle. Hang the bundle in your closet by a string.

Rosemary and thyme

These herbs can be grown in the garden and dried. They're useful accents in all types of recipes. Sprinkle a little in a salad for an extra flavor burst. As an ecofriendly pest repellent, these fragrant herbs spice up your closet. Make a sachet like you did with the cloves and peppercorns. You can also hang the herbs in your closet for drying. Herbs need to dry in a cool, dark location anyway. Why not make this a double duty green pest control solution?

Mint and lavender

Once planted, mint will spread like wildfire. This makes it a very inexpensive ecofriendly pest repellent. Lavender leaves clothes smelling just washed linen fresh. Did you know that men are naturally attracted to the smell of lavender on a woman? Now there's a useful double duty green pest control solution! Hang them to dry or make sachets. You can also crumble them and vacuum them up to leave the whole house smelling fresh and clean. These ecofriendly moth repellents are pleasing and effective green home solutions.

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