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Technology is progressing at an unbelievable rate with new gadgets with new capabilities released on an almost monthly basis. Just think back ten years; YouTube didn't even exist, nobody had a camera on their mobile phone and some people gasp, didn't even have a mobile phone. Today it is unimaginable that an average person in our technology saturated westernised society would live without some sort of hand held device to connect them to the rest of the world via the internet.

Green Impact

And yet have we considered the potential impact of the increasing number of gadgets on our planet? As more and more gadgets are released and popularised, more and more energy is needed to power them and poor old Mother Earth is left with the excess bill. For all you green eco-conscious beings out there, fear not though, for there are some simple ways that you can cut the energy consumption of your life by making some tough decisions about the use of your technology devices.

Devices to Help

At home you can use some fantastic devices to monitor and therefore adapt your energy usage to a more moderate level. For example this energy saving power metre from Energenie which will measure the use and calculate the cost of running various household appliances. This knowledge can then help you to reduce your energy consumption by getting a new and more efficient charger for your mobile telephone or swapping your bar heater for a more efficient fan one.

Tips to Help

It is estimated that around £75 of electricity a year is used per household to keep devices such as television, computers and iPads on standby when they are not in use but are plugged in. Simply turning these devices off totally when they are not in use will save you money and help the planet. Another often overlooked tip is to turn off lights as you leave a room, do this every time you leave a room and really consider whether you need a light on in the first place. Lastly, leaving handheld devices on charge when they are already fully charged up or even just leaving the lead plugged in and the plug switched on uses up energy unnecessarily.

Don't fall in the trap of these lazy, first world habits. Take the time to assess your energy usage and adapt it to try and offset the extra energy you will need to run that latest upgrade on your mobile phone. You will feel more eco-conscious and the planet and your pocket will thank you for it.